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Corruption – countermeasures

Do your research, and try to find out what iexpected.

Never offer a bribe, though if asked to pay an ‘on the spot fine’ be ready to pay it.

If you are going to be asked to pay an ‘on the spot fine’ it will help if you have distributed your money in varioupockets. I can almost guarantee that the fine will miraculously be set at exactly the sum of money that you pull out of your pocket! Keep some money in other pocketand be prepared to lose all of the money you take out.


Immigration in some countrieinothing more than a formality, while in otherthey almost seem to want to find an excuse to deny entry to everyone. In some countrieimmigration offences, whether real or imagined, are considered to be very serious, especially now that international terrorism iso prominent in our minds.

Immigration – countermeasures

Do your research, in blogs, via travel agents, the internet and the embassy of your destination country.

Make sure that you fully understand the current procedureand requirementfor entering the country.

Don’t assume that the controlwill be the same athey were last time you went. Aterroristextend their range of attacks, more countrieare looking at tightening their immigration controls.

Make sure that you have all of the documentrequired by that country, and that they are all in order.

Get entry and exit stampin your passport if you are supposed to have them.

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Just aimmigration controlhave been tightened in the past few years, customcontrolhave been tightened too.

Trying to bring illicit or illegal materialthrough customia fast way to prison in most countries. In some countriethere are ruleabout the import of almost everything, trom truit to seedand plants, and from natural productto meat. Thiiof course an attempt to stop the introduction of new pestand diseases. Something asimple asneaking in a Granny Smithapple to eat 011 the coach to the hotel could find vou detained and deported on the next flight, so don’t risk it.

There are strict ruleabout exporting a range of itemfrom most countrietoo, designed to protect their plants, wildlife and historic treasures.

Custom- countermeasures

Travel agentshould be able to give you listof goodthat cannot be imported to a given country

Widen your research if you have any doubts. If you really can’t live without Marmite on your breakfast toast, check with your travel agent to see if the destination country hait, and if not check with the embassy or consulate of the destination country to see if you can take a jar with you.

If you are not sure how their rulerelate to the antique stuffed penguin that you want to take aa gift to Aunt Maude, ask them, and if possible get everything including their reply, permission, import licence or whatever in writing

Prohibited articlemay be anything from innocent medication to drugs, condoms, currency, religioumaterial, foodstuffand plants, political material, or even simple Western-style magazines

If you are bringing any prescribed or over-the-counter medication into the country with you, be ready to show it to the customstaff. Have a letter from your doctor and/or a letter from the country’embassy in the UK stating that you have to carry and use the medication and that importing it will be acceptable.

When you arrive you will usually be presented with a customlist, which describethe itemthat you cannot bring in. Check it, in case there have been any changes.

Many customorganisationare very wary of the dangerof importing fruit or plants. It itoo easy to introduce a disease or parasite into a country where the native plantor animaldon’t have any natural protection against it. Your casually smuggled apple could wipe out the fruit crop in a whole country under the right circumstances, so treat the ruleseriously.

Never carry anything for anyone else. Your best buddy at work might have asked you to take a birthday present to hiold grandmother in Florida, but you can’t be sure that that stuffed penguin iall you are carrying. Drug smugglerknow that there ia high risk of being caught, so if they can trick or fool people into carrying the drugand taking the risk for them, they will. You should only carry your own personal property that you have selected and packed yourself.

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