Travel to Texas

Travel to Texas


Situated in the Guadalupe Mountains of west Texas, this beautiful National Park includes steep ridges and peaks, numerous deep canyons, and areas of desert. The highest mountain in Texas, 8,749-foot Guadalupe Peak, is located here.

Vegetation ranges from desert varieties, such as yucca and cactus, to canyon hardwoods including maple and ash, madrone and pine, and highland conifers. Mule deer, black bear, elk, coyote, and mountain lion are among the wildlife.

Activities: There are about 80 miles of trails for backpacking and hiking. Some trails are not well-marked and may be difficult to follow. Horses are allowed on most trails.

Camping Regulations: Backcountry camping is restricted to 10 designated camping areas along trails in various parts of the park. A free permit must be obtained from one of the visitor centers or ranger stations. There are no advance reservations.

Campfires are prohibited, so a stove must be used for cooking. Water is scarce, and must usually be carried in. Pets are not allowed in the back-country.

For Further Information: Guadalupe Mountains National Park, HC 60, Box 400, Salt Flat, TX 79847;(915)828-3251.

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