Trips To China

‘I represent the North China Daily News. I am a South African and a globe-trotter like yourself and a keen airman like yourself.’

On board the launch I met Colonel Thoms, who was a big, tall New Zealander in command of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps, Palmer, the Shell man, and a China Police officer. We debated what to do with the seaplane. Palmer said that it would be difficult to guard it there, and that it would take one and a half hours to get down the river by launch. I asked why he did not come down by motor-car. Thoms said, You can’t motor anywhere here. There are no motor roads, and it is not safe to leave the town.’ Here the old woman, her withered face wreathed in a friendly smile, manoeuvred her sampan alongside and returned my hat. She had gone off by herself and rescued it while we talked.

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It was decided that I should fly up-river to the Shell (Asiatic Petroleum Company) store and jetty, half way back to Shanghai. Before getting into the sampan to return to the seaplane, I drew Palmer aside. ‘Can’t you come in the sampan instead of that chap?’ I asked. ‘It’s pure luck that my plane is still intact; why didn’t you come in the first place?’

‘I didn’t like to, because he is a flying man, and knows all about it.’

Palmer talked Chinese fluently and I was quickly back in the seaplane without any trouble. When I opened the throttle to take off I was only 170 yards from the river bank ahead of me, but the seaplane took off easily enough some thirty yards short of the bank. I circled to have a good look at the take-off scene, recalling all the long hair-raising attempts to get off during the voyage before the floats were mended. I came down by the Shell jetty and the seaplane was hauled up a grass bank beside it, with each wing tied down to oil drums full of water. By the time all this had been done it was dark, and we trod across a number of sampans to a jetty where the shadows were pitch black. ‘Keep together,’ said Thoms, ‘they have a habit of sacking a knife into people here, and holding the body under water until all is quiet.’ After a long wait beside a road while I tried to keep the reporter from sitting on the bundle containing my one suit, Palmer at last secured a car, and Thoms took me to stay at his house.

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