Trying Hungarian Street Food What to Eat in Budapest

To 24 hours to see everything is the river Hungarian pastry, and as food was sweet cottage cheese Wow okay this is a pretty insane view oh my goodness we have an exciting announcement at the end of the post. So make sure you stick around for that.

Trying Hungarian Street Food What to Eat in Budapest Photo Gallery

Because I think you guys will be interested like it very interested States we want some lunch. So we’ve come to the Central Market home to the Central Market Hall supposedly that’s my wrist oh wow its massive it’s like an old train station that’s been converted there’s so many like little stalls around I think like the local shops if you live here are down here. So if you get your fruit, and veg your spices. But upstairs is where the restaurants are we can to some Hungarian food benders gonna see what we find that vegetarian all right the first thing we’re trying is eggplant rice, and cheese, I’m good from a stall saying Hungarian proves I hopefully this is no area all right. So good state is it oh, I’m don’t think I’ve ever had eggplant serve like this before I don’t know what eggplant is at the moment I’ve just had a bunch of rice. But it’s like really really tasty. So it’s nice, and warm also the bottom look said the eggplants at the bottom then there’s all rice, and it’s covered in life I don’t even know what it’s covered in.

But this is cheese oh yeah cheese it’s so tasty oh man we polished that off party next thing to try good length it’s fried bread. But if I got one with South Korean cheese she’s braised. So really it’s sorry tasty like what’s the rolls like a sweet bread not savory it’s like this fried dough with sour cream, and cheese it is so tasty how good is it that’s so nice, and warm still very healthy it’s so tasty though I didn’t expect it I thought I wasn’t gonna like it alrighty guys after all that cheese that I need some dessert we’re going for the traditional chimney cake okay. So we have actually had these before. But in Prague pastry filled with Nutella we thought they were from Prague. But now everyone’s telling us they’re from hungry anyway.

So there is like daughter coveted cinnamon, and you couldn’t tell her inside oh darn happy wouldn’t at Ellering that was the south choice you need to the Nutella inside full sorry I really think we didn’t meet her I think I got excited, I’m not gonna go eat this Diggins days come on you’re awaiting muscle icons a little great your money it’s like warm we got the one who dipped in cinnamon as well home, I’m so sad guys that should me ain’t no good to me, and then we’ll just walk down the road mourners it is completely capped, and look they making it fresh guys do not think we went it was terrible this place looks amazing, and it’s like fully packed as well like look oh god I regret shoes on there I have no idea where we going all right that’s the place Oh the more you know come down to the Danube River, and we’re walking along the promenade nanobots, I’m sure this is much more prettier in the summer time it’s actually still really nice also there’s like bits here Budapest which we don’t have time to explore there’s like so much to see yeah okay little sneaky fun facts implying honest is that this may not be the only time we are coated Budapest this year Oh revealing play when we come back guys you seriously need to go for a walk along the promenade like this is such a beautiful side to like see the city I think going on a boat ride would be amazing maybe in summer man we have not had the best luck we are literally leaving to the airport, and is the perfect day to explore Budapest. But I hope you guys enjoyed that Europe series that has come to an end it’s been. So incredible it really felt like a holiday which was nice. Because we had so much flexibility to just go wherever we want. So I hope you guys enjoyed it. But the exciting the announcement is to realize we probably told you it in an earlier flux, I’m going to edit it nc have more chances. But if you want to come, and do this trip we’ve actually teamed up with sta, and Eurail to give away the trip we just did.

So if you want to come, and do it there’s a link below. So they’re giving away flights your URL passes, and spending money for you, and a friend. So if you guys enjoyed coming to Austria, and you want to do it yourself, and go into all the other countries that we explored as well make sure you click the link kind of feels cool, I’m so excited that we are able to like give away a competition. Because you guys totally deserve it. So definitely go, and enter, and let us know which places you want to go to if you do enter the competition. But we’ll see you guys back in Perth 24 hours of traveling just in a finger clip you are only gonna see that you just can see us back in officially illegally a married what do you think ingests do we do it around the honeymoon I think. So let’s do it we were young yeah we were free, and running every day we danced this place is so beautiful oh my goodness of a brand-new car this is my first time, and I think I’ve ever seen guys welcome to the border honestly can’t believe how pretty this place oh that there’s no release you’re a hater now say every night unlike the Saiga yards our think of loving a Polaroid abundancy I have always been afraid of change silver Leone night the beast from the east that was not something she days my last day here in Europe. So pretty welcome to business money yesterday it looks great things you do you are makes me move. But here it comes to take.

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