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John and Aaron ran the thermal imaging camera and slowly scanned the room for anomalous heat variations. It’s believed a spirit’s form will be picked up on the thermal imager through a distinct temperature signature. Nothing unusual was detected for this sweep.

Melanie led the first EVP session, throwing out questions hoping for some type of response. It was just after 9:30 p.m. when a suspicious creaking sound was heard from the hallway that sounded very much like footsteps. Melanie picked up the flashlight and her camera and darted into the dark corridor. A gasp was heard as Melanie, unknowingly, directed the bright beam of her flashlight into the startled eyes of the boarder.

After a nervous little chuckle, the tenant softly murmured she was getting ready to take a shower before going to bed. Melanie’s compassionate response was, “No, you’re not! We’re investigating. You can take your shower in an hour.”

Cary and Mrs. Obinson. The man returned to Boston Tucson Map Tourist Attractions , and went forthwith to the Justices for a warrant to seise the said Obinson, the said Tucson Map Tourist Attractions Cary being out of the way; but the Boston Justices saw reason to deny a warrant. The Rev. Mr. I.

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