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Chief Justice: Mr. Hamilton, the Court have delivered Tucson Map their opinion, and we expect that you will use us with good manners. You are not Tucson Map to be permitted to argue against the opinion of the Court. Mr. Hamilton: With submission, I have seen the practice in very great courts, and never heard it deemed unmannerly to- Mr. Chief Justice: After the Court have declared their opinion, it is not good manners to insist upon a point in which you are overruled.

The attic where Lisa thought she heard a voice.

Sometime later, the sounds in the attic quieted. It seemed whatever had been there was gone. Everyone headed downstairs to their next location.

Meanwhile, I was in the first floor sick room with Jane, Tracey, George and Scott. I called out to Abigail or Caroline, coaxing them to come near the device with the green light on it (the EMF meter). There were no movements or sounds throughout our time here, at least none that we noticed.

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