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Urban Fishing

Contrary to appearances, some of the most underexploited of all canal fishing occurs in town and city centres. Salford Quays and the canals of Birmingham are just two areas that contain good stocks of fish. Whether you brave some of the tougher spots for a cast is your decision, but a few simple rules make sense. Firstly, pick your times carefully. Early morning at first light is often preferable to evenings, when dodgy types and drunks roam towpaths.

It is always good policy to take a friend and avoid leaving anything valuable on show; this includes your most prized tackle! Scale down your gear and keep a low profile, and you could be in for a big surprise.

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Perhaps the easiest methods for really ‘tasty’ urban locations are lure fishing and stalking, hit-and-run-style methods. Snags can be a menace too however, so single hook lures, and rigs where leads will come free in the event of snagging, can be invaluable.

Appearances can be deceptive on urban canals, which are often full offish of all species.

Certain species do especially well in urban locations. Huge perch and carp, for example, thrive around boats and man-made structures. Species such as roach and bream also love deep spots such as boatyards and basins. As well as the extra depth, town and city centres also offer sheltered, slightly warmer water, making them especially attractive to fish seeking sanctuary in the winter.

Weed cutting is carried out on a rural waterway: some maintenance is vital, but at the same time those rich, weedy waters branded as ‘unfishable ’ by lazy anglers can offer outstanding sport.

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