Venice Map Tourist Attractions

Venice Map Tourist Attractions


Plan on at least a 20min. boat ride from Venice. In addition to these listings, the Litorale del Cavallino, on the Lido’s Adriatic side, has multiple beach campsites.

Camping Miramare, Lungomare Dante Alighieri 29 (041 96 61 50; www.camping- A 40min. ride on vaporetto #14 from P.S. Marco to Punta Sabbioni. Campground is 700m along the beach on the right. 3-night min. stay in high season. Reserve ahead for bungalows with AC, Open Apr. 1 to Nov. 2. ‚5 per person, ‚6 per tent. Bungalows ‚35 plus ‚5.50 per person. 15% Rolling Venice discount. O Camping Fusina, V. Moranzani 79 (041 547 00 55;, in Malcontenta. From Mestre, take bus #1, Restaurant, pizzeria, laundromat, ATM, Internet access, and satellite TV on premises. Call ahead to reserve cabins. Free hot showers. ‚4 per person, ‚7 per tent, ‚14 per car. Cabins: singles ‚19; doubles ‚26. O


In Venice, dining well on a budget requires exploration. The best and most affordable restaurants are hidden in the less-traveled alleyways. For an inexpensive and informal option, visit any osteria or bacario in town and create a meal from the vast array of cicchetti (meat- and cheese-filled pastries; ‚1-3), tidbits of seafood, rice, meat, and tramezzini (triangular slices of soft white bread with any imaginable filling). The key ingredients of Venetian cuisine come fresh from the sea. Spaghetti al vongole (pasta with fresh clams and spicy vegetables) is served on nearly every menu. Good local wines include the sparkling white prosecco della Marca or the red valpolicella. BILLA supermarket, Strada Nuova, Cannaregio 3660, is near Campo Apostoli. (Open M-Sa 8:30am-8pm, Su 9am-8pm. AmExMCV.)


Trattoria da Bepi, Cannaregio 4550 (041 528 50 31). This traditional Venetian restaurant, family-run for 38 years, has copper pots dangling from the ceiling. Primi ‚7-10.50. Secondi ‚9.50-18. Open M-W and F-Su noon-3pm and 7-10pm. MCV. Pizzeria La Perla, Rio Terra dei Franceschi, Cannaregio 4615 (041 528 51 75). Friendly staff serves over 90 varieties of pizza and pasta in heaping portions. Pizza ‚4.70-7.90. Pasta ‚6.10-8.20. Cover ‚1.10. Service 10%. Open M-Sa noon-2pm and 7-9:45pm. AmExMCV.

Gam Gam, Canale di Cannaregio, Cannaregio 1122 (041 71 52 84). The only Jewish restaurant with kosher food in Venice offers a great change of pace from traditional Italian fare. Outdoor seating by canal. Schnitzel ‚11.50. Falafel platter ‚8.75. Pasta ‚7.50-9. 10% Let’s Go discount Open M-F and Su noon-lOpm.

Brek, Lista di Spagna, Cannaregio 124A (041 244 01 58). Italian fast-food chain whips up pasta and salad dishes from an extensive array of ingredients. Perfect for a meal on the go. Menu and prices change daily. 10% Rolling Venice discount. Primi ‚2.90-3.90. Secondi ‚4-7. Open daily 8-10:30am and ll:30am-10:30pm.

La Boutique del Gelato, Salizzada S. Lio, Castello 5727 (041 522 32 83). Huge cones, gigantic quality, and miniscule prices. Single scoop ‚0.80, 2 scoops ‚1.30. Open daily 10am-8pm, July-Aug. until 10:30pm.

Alle Testiere, Calle del Mondo Novo, Castello 5801 (afax 041 522 72 20). Tiny restaurant mixes old traditions with nuovo decor and cuisine. Menu is small but compiled with care; go for the fish entrees. Primi ‚14. Secondi ‚21.50-23. Reservations recommended. Open Tu-Sa noon-3pm and 7pm-midnight. MCV.

Trattoria Al Vecio Canton, Castello 4738a (041 528 51 76). Tavern-style trattoria is famous for its pizza. Try the Al Vecio Canton (topped with tomatoes, cheese, olive oil, garlic, and a spritz of lemon; ‚6). Open M and W-Su noon-3pm and 7pm-midnight. Arcimboldo, Calle dei Furlani, Castello 3219 (041 528 65 69). Paintings by Arcim- boldo contribute to a mood of atmospheric irreverence. Try specialty pesee al forno con verdure di stagione (baked fish with seasonal vegetables; serves 2; ‚26). Open M and W-Su noon-3pm and 7pm-midnight. AmExMCV.

Cip Ciap, Calle Mondo Novo, Castello 5799a (a041 523 66 21). Huge, delicious pizzas from ‚4.20, with smaller margherita for ‚2.30. Also sold by the slice. Try the disco vol- ante (literally, flying saucer), made like a calzone and stuffed with mushrooms, eggplant, ham, egg, and salami (‚6.50). Open M and W-Su 9am-9pm.

Osteria Santa Marina, Campo S. Marina, Castello 5911 (fax 041 528 52 39). Splurge to dine with well-dressed locals or just stop by for some cicchetti and a glass of prosecco at the bar. Restaurant specializes in fish. Primi ‚14. Secondi ‚19-25. Cover ‚3. Open Su-M 7:30-10pm, Tu-Sa 12:30-2:30pm and 7:30-10pm. MCV.

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