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More than 110,000 people Google wedding games❠every month. Search no more: Virginia-based destination planner Antonia Christianson shares what to play and how to pull it off.

GET IN THE GAME Ladder golf, cornhole, washers, bocce ball and horseshoes are always a hit with guests of all ages, but we’re also really loving big’ traditional games, like giant Jenga, which are a fun way to pass the time while couples and their wedding parties are taking pictures.â

PACK IT UP Games like oversize cards, dominoes and even checkers lie pretty fl at and can easily be shipped to your destination or transported in additional luggage.â

MAKE IT PERSONAL ÆCornhole is so easy to personalize, from painting the boards in your wedding colors to monogramming the bags. Why not split guests into teams in advance and create scoreboards with clever team names as well?â

MARK THE SPOT You defi nitely want the games to be used throughout the event, but you don’t want them to pull guests away from the main reception, creating two mini events.’ Work with your planner, and refer to an accurate schematic of your space to place your games in the best location.â

PAY THE PRICE Pricing runs from around $19 for horseshoes to a few hundred dollars for some customized cornhole boards. There are DIY options as well if you’re in a grassy area, you can use environmentally safe paints to paint your own game boards right on the lawn.â

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