Visit to Denmark

1960 Denmark becomes a founding member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

1972 Crown Princess Margrethe is proclaimed queen as Margrethe II. Denmark joins the EEC.

1974 Trade agreement with the German Democratic Republic.

1978 Abolition of the death penalty.

1979 GREENLAND is given its own administration (government and parliament for domestic matters) but remains under Danish sovereignty. A movement for independence develops.

Elections to the Folketing strengthen the Social Democrats and Conservatives. The Prime Minister in office, Anker J0rgensen, forms a new Social-Democrat minority government (October).

1980 Second UN World Conference of Women meets in Copenhagen. Electoral defeat of the Social-Democrats in the Faeroes.

1981 Dispute between Germany and Denmark over the quota of cod permitted to be caught by West German fishermen off Greenland.

Fresh elections to the Folketing in December result in loss of votes for the Social-Democrats. J0rgensen forms another Social-Democrat minority government.

1982 In a referendum the population of Greenland votes to leave the Common Market (probably in 1984).

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