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Cafes come and cafes go – and it’s pretty easy to pick the stayers. You know, the ones that get it just right by delivering the perfect mix of great food, good coffee and friendly service in a fantastic space? Tricycle Cafe is one such gem Wearing its heart on its sleeve, the successful formula will win you over in no time. Serving up exceptionally good daytime meals made from local organic and free-range produce, this little trike is particularly loved for its brekkies and brunches – nobody scrambles an egg like the Tricycle, and the breakfast trifle is a must-try. Any time is toastie time – with fillings like vintage cheddar, zucchini pickles and free-range ham packing a flavoursome punch. Tricycle’s also up there with the best of Hobart’s coffee peddlers, and it makes a mean chai tea too, charmingly served in old enamel tea pots. Have we mentioned that it’s cute as hell? Childhood memories will be triggered by the signature vintage three-wheelers hanging about the place and framed photos. The warm cosy interior is artfully presented, with an impressive tiled bar that’s great for a social sit. The cafe also spills out into a bright and airy atrium that doubles as the entrance to the Peacock Theatre. Tricycle is tucked at the back of the Salamanca Arts Centre, so it’s no surprise that arty types (among others) flock here for the great coffee. You too can get a caffeine-fuelled culture kick by checking out the galleries upstairs after a visit to this wheely good local.

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