Visit to Washington

Visit to Washington



While 1,399,342-acre Umatilla National Forest is based in Oregon, with the majority of lands in that state, about 3:L 1,000 acres of the forest are in the southeast corner of Washington.

This tract is in the Blue Mountains, and includes 6,387-foot Oregon Butte, 6,379-foot Diamond Peak, and over 110,000 acres of the 177,000-acre Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness.

Camping and campfires are allowed in most areas of the National Forest. See the Umatilla National Forest listing in the Oregon chapter for more information.


About 283,000 acres of Kaniksu National Forest, which is part of the Idaho Panhandle National Forests, are located in the northeast corner of Washington next to Colville National Forest.

Included here are some mountains over 6,000 feet. Camping and campfires are allowed. See the Idaho Panhandle National Forests entry in the Idaho chapter for more information.

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