Visiting Reserva Isla Yacyreta Paraguay

With some advance planning it is possible to visit the Reserva Natural Yacyreta on the island of Yacyreta. The reserve covers over 8,000 hectares, 6,000 of which remain untouched. The remaining

2.000 hectares are home to the reserve’s visitor’s center as well as approximately one hundred families who survive mostly on assistance from EBY as well as fishing and small scale agriculture. The visit starts off in the small visitor’s center – from here you can walk around the island, through the wooded areas, by the lagoons and along the sand dunes, all under the shadow of giant power transmission towers. Be sure to bring binoculars as the birding is quite good and there are also monkeys in the trees. The tour is all done on foot – make sure to take water and pack food. In order to arrange for a guided visit with a park ranger contact the Sector Medio Ambiente (Environmental sector) of EBY at 072 222 220. Taxis from Ayolas to the island should cost between Gs. 40,000 and

50.000 each way Getting There

The turn off to Ayolas is located on Route 1 just past San Patricio at km 258. From there continue about fifty kilometers down the paved road and the signed entrance to Ayolas will be on the right-hand side. Once in Ayolas Taxi Gomez ( Tel: 072 222 817, 0975 649 358, 0985 724 662) is a good bet for taxi service (he has large vehicles as well for transporting groups).

Ayolas is approximately two hours from Encarnacion (tickets cost Gs. 25,000) and six from Asuncion by bus (tickets cost Gs. 70,000). The Pilarense and Yacyreta bus lines make the journey from both cities. Since almost all buses to Ayolas pass through Santiago it is possible to stop in Santiago first, visit the Jesuit museum, and then continue on to Ayolas on a later bus.

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