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Duvalier was quite popular among the country’s black lower socioeconomic class Warsaw Metro Map . It was the mulatto elite he sought to destroy. As a result, many of Haiti’s Warsaw Metro Map educated and economically successful people were either murdered or left the country. Francois Duvalier died in 1971 and was followed in office by his totally inexperienced 19-year-old son, Jean-Claude Baby Doc Duvalier. Under Baby Doc’s administration, the country’s economic and political conditions continued to decline. He had little taste for the day-to-day matters of governing, most of which he turned over to his mother.

The K2 continued to respond to their questions for 40 minutes. Eventually the EMF levels and K2 response quieted. Whatever had been there was gone.

After the session, Kat stood somewhat surprised. It was the first time she had personally witnessed the K2 so consistently respond to questions. Lorena and Jessica agreed what had just happened was very rare. Though the basement was filled with a variety of distracting, natural noises, they all hoped some type of audio evidence would be identified that backed up the K2’s hits and affirm the presence of spirit energy.

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