Winter Canal Fishing

Silver Bream

Often misidentified as skimmers (small common bream), the silver bream is marked by its smaller size, dark fins and comparatively large eye.

They are only present in some canals, but probably more widespread than popularly thought. They are present in parts of the Grand Union for example, but for sheer numbers the best water that I know of is the Taunton to Bridgwater Canal. Pretty fish they are too.

Winter Canal Fishing Photo Gallery

Silver bream respond well to small baits and little and often feeding. I’ve taken them on maggots and even wet flies, but given reasonable water clarity, perhaps the best method of all for canal fishing is bread punch. Like roach, they like a small bait fished just touching the deck. Pole

tackle or a canal waggler dotted right down is ideal to spot the shy bites they give. The smaller fish sometimes take on the drop, although the best samples usually come on the bottom. Any fish above half a pound represents a good one.

Crucian Carp

Crucians are an angler’s favourite wherever found. They do extremely well on canals, and where clubs control sections of water that are smaller, enclosed pounds, stocks can be safely contained. Perhaps the best crucian canal in Britain is the Newport in Shropshire, where the usual rules for this cute, cagey species apply. Pole fished baits such as corn, caster and maggot fished on sensitive tackle are ideal.

Crucian carp put in a cheeky appearance on a select few canals.

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