Hey everyone this is at the end of all time here in this little house.

So pretty much we are going to be packing everything, and hopefully it all fits into the bag. Because we kind of picked up a little things here, and there. So that’s pretty much what we’re gonna do and, I’ll check in for our next Airbnb is at all. So we’re still staying in Vancouver for another four days, and then a new adventure begins. Because we still need to show you around to the post here see behind the scenes guys yeah this is actually what happens I mean the life of postgers they have an extremely dirty house that they have to clean parade last minute time to say goodbye to our story house, and omelet to the next adventure the next, I’m sad. But being you found a whole three months sometimes we leaving even true sad all right let’s go don’t be the montage mission what it’s to do like a montage a whole time we printed antic it’s one of the last times we might do it ya know one more ticket job we just got to our apartment for the next next four days. So it can be a bit closer to the city to show you drew around overall poot yes just got a little kitchen grease room hey he gets the TV do it the most confused one.


Because we had a tour bed like this in Hawaii it’s so good. So we just pretty much just going to just settle in, and then we’re just gonna walk down to the city, and see how the day goes. So yeah we just heading into the city to show drew around we’re not taking her out for use first timmy’s yes you have to try TVs yet do the excited as you can see this neighborhood Wien is actually a refreshing change there are kids playing in the streets there are like it’s a nice area I think just what we’ve seen it’s pretty good. So we’re heading to see yes yes what’s the area going to the beach we’ll find out okay I don’t think sure is officially experience coming up until he goes to enter this lemon yes you guys don’t even understand how beautiful this place is let’s do it with them against either one oh there we go they either one through that’s a lot of geese guys they’re surrounding us I know when I bent down drew has his first chipmunk experience we’re taking drew now through a little bit of Sally pop I want to UM get a bike, and we can fully see Stanley Park then. So the moment is showing, I’m a little bit rollerblades it’s another bike I cannot roll late. But we could try maybe roll this gate the four wheels know what that does if you show them again see house like a little pathway just covered in vegetation very cool I don’t think there’s a golf course just there just casually at the beach practicing attire work yes he’s got this oh I think I might be putting him on okay guys we’ll give you four seconds to guess where we would take throughout for his first dinner in North America yes treating ourselves tonight, I’m missus why why is it taking. So long for us to have it again.

So amazing months on months months it’s been 20 years without me. But I mean true enjoy, and we are going to bed we are exhausted it was a very long day very good day oh yeah okay we’ll show you how many steps we did what do you want go 21,000 steps I think we walked about 15 kilometers 15 kilometers we did a good exercise yeah, I’m not too sure what we’re doing tomorrow. But we will tell you in the morning. So good night guys bye.

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