It is beginning of a new yea,r so I thought we would do a wonderful collaboration of ideas and inspirations of destinations that you should go visit, because I have two amazing other female travellers Raya from Rayawashere and Kristin Sarah from Hopscotchtheglobe. So between the three of us I think we’ve been to some pretty wicked places. So we are going to talk about that hopefully inspire you with your future plans. At the end of 2016 I went to Greenland and it absolutely blew my mind I had no expectation that it really know much about the country and went there and I was just so blown away by the beauty. I felt so cleaner. It cleansed my body with the freshest air and the most delicious fresh water really clean food and also I felt like it cleanse my soul. Might sound a little cheesy but I did I felt like a new person when I got back I loved nature, I loved being outside you have to go to Greenland. Patagonia, I love Patagonia, yes, so I went there this time last year and was one of the most incredible experience I’ve ever been to. It was actually far less difficult than you think to get down there. It’s the bottom of Argentina and Chile and local do it all the time.


Biggest tip though is to with bring warm clothes because even though you’re traveling in January-February and its their summertime it’s still cold and you’re still wearing like toques and gloves and hats but the mountain views are absolutely spectacular I so highly recommended. All of like South America is kind of like really cool. But Patagonia. My first place is Morocco where I went think over a year ago, but that was the first time I went that was like a big culture shock for me because it was so Before then I’ve done Europe and all American stuff but Morocco as soon as you literally drive from the airport, I was like wow this looks like a different world and it was so beautiful and also everywhere you look it’s picturesque beautiful you can take photos everywhere the food is good. There are tiles everywhere. You’re just gonna get like 500 instagrams specifically if you are here in Europe is so easy to fly there and cheap to get to, so highly recommend Morocco. I am going to recommend Belize. Belize I’ve been to a couple of times it’s one of those destinations that i think is a little underrated people go to Mexico all the time but Belize is so close to Mexico you can even combine the two destinations the water is some of the like most beautiful turquoise blue I’ve ever seen there’s a lot of under underwater life so if you love scuba diving or snorkeling is great and just put laid-back chill vibes if you want to relax and chill, eat good food and go scuba diving and just being in the water Belize is the place to go.

New Zealand. I always recommend New Zealand, especially if you are first-time traveler because it is so easy to travel and so easy to get around and there’s the hop on hop off buses that whole infrastructure, hostel chains there’s is buy and sell for travelers looking to buy fans, and like buy cars for like share road trips if you’re going by yourself you can easily just jump on another vehicle. There is also like dozens and dozens of tourist activities and attractions, plus amazing nature. You can get like all four seasons, so you can do like volcanoes, you can do winters, you can do beaches you can do everything in New Zealand. So it is a good place to a road trip. Oh, yea. My second place will be Bali where that was like so high my list forever and I went once last year and then I was like we have to go against our back a few months later and it’s it’s so beautiful the food is out of this world like so many amazing fresh vegan restaurants everywhere and it’s hot which I love. There is monkeys everywhere the culture is great but it’s still like not too big of a culture shock like you feel comfortable and easy to get around and there’s lots of traveler so lots of people to meet and it’s a great place. Its like a spiritual place and it’s surfing, just everything. Bali is so high I think on everyone’s list, like places to go or places to go back to.

I’m going to throw this one out there. It’s little different and not many people I know personally have gone. Paraguay was one of m first trips, and if you are looking for a cultural experience specifically in a place where you can spend at least a few weeks I would recommend Paraguay the culture there is very different than any other place in South America the people are incredible it’s very much a country about people in community so that is what you’re looking for Paraguay is the perfect choice. Depends on how you feel about it, but China. First time I went to China was in 2010 and it was like one of the most craziest experiences I’ve ever personally done so different than anything I’ve experienced. Then I went back again a couple times, once in 2014 once in 2015. It has changed so much, become so much easier for tourists to get around to travel in and cheap.

China in general is really really opening up to tourists and it’s becoming a lot more, like there is a lot more knowledge out there, and English, English knowledge too, to help you get around and it’s just some amazing incredible places and history in general, there is so much to see oh yeah, and just amazing buildings yeah My third place I would say it’s Cuba which is harder I guess for different people to get to it than others but that’s all changing right now but go as soon as possible because it is kind of about to change drastically but we went about a year and a half ago and it’s it’s like time travel. Going to Cuba was literally traveling in time there’s the cars and no one really speaks English which I love because it’s actually like the country just what it is. And then your and after seeing it’s not made for you, like you know a lot of other tourist destinations are. So it’s just dance salsa like all day, every day, the music you right yeah on the streets, and music like every restaurant has live music, that’s one of the best like performances I’ve ever heard ever. It’s just yeah it’s just Cuba.

Go to Cuba. Have you guys been to Cuba? I have, but I haven’t been outside the resort and I know it’s a totally different experience. So now because we are travelers, where do we want to go in 2017? Like a destination of choice for 2017? I’m going to say Ethiopia and this was just like kind of recent realization someone mentioned it and like, click, I need to go there and I really want to experience the tribes in Ethiopia, like spend a minimum like one week just living with them, seeing what their daily lives are like. I think that would be used a really cool experience. Destination, oh, man, this one has been on my list forever, maybe I’ll so it this year but India I want to go to India. Yes, girl, yes. I’m just it’s been my number one on my list for so long and I just haven’t gotten around to it, maybe 2017 is the year that is gonna happen but just the culture, I love the food already, I love the culture, and I just know there is so much to offer, for me personally and as a traveler so like that’s very high top of my list. Mine is kind of recent, but Madagascar. I really want to go especially after reading planet Earth, that is like what really sparked it for me, but I guess knowing that was it like, over ninety percent of the plants and animals in Madagascar are only in Madagascar. So its almost like its own world, like its own little island full of these like crazy beautiful amazing creatures and yeah I think it just sounds so different from anywhere else I’ve ever been and I want to go experience like the nature and the animals. I love animals. So I want to go and see all the cute animals. Galapagos is also kind of similar like a different world and animal lovers yeah. You would love the Galapagos. My list is so long, guys, you can’t keep telling me these things do add to the list. Great thing about travel is that the adventures really never stop, there is so many different places to see, things to do Those are some amazing recommendations for you, guys and gals to kind of get some ideas in your head if you are thinking of going travelling in 2017 And if you are, you have any recommendations, like wicket cool places that you’ve been to, please let me know, down below in the comments. Thank you to Raya and Kristin for joining me Don’t forget to check out their blog and comment, they’re wicked awesome travelers and we did two more collaborations one on Kristen blog and one Raya’s blog, so I’ll leave links. Bye.

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