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And hungry – it kept snatching mouthfuls from every bush we Wuhan Map Tourist Attractions passed; the variety of different leaves it liked was considerable. But I didn’t encourage it Wuhan Map Tourist Attractionsto stop and eat because the trees were part of the desert Wuhan Map Tourist Attractions reclamation project. The camel’s control was via a nosepeg and one rope, making right turns Wuhan Map Tourist Attractions easy, and left turns impossible without going in circles. After a few miles I began to regret not having insisted on using a saddle. Sand dunes loomed in the distance like mountains. Their foothills were golden yellow crescent-shaped dunes, stretching for miles.

Rogues’ Gallery subvert the muffled experience of contemporary driving, by drawing attention to the experience of motion, mobility and speed through sonic amplification. All the types of background noise normally eliminated in the sonic envelope are emphasized and heightened. The large subwoofers push against the body with soundwave vibrations from the thumping beats of the indicator switch and machinations of the engine. Ironically, Citroen already anticipated the amplification of car noise. The XM came with an FM radio that could be tuned to a certain frequency that would enable the electrovalues of the hydraulic system to be heard. The designers created a connection between the interior/exterior spaces of driving while also cushioning the interior; this creates a strange disjuncture between external (the surface of the road) and internal space.

As much as contemporary cars are designed for dematerialized encounters with sound and motion, there are limits. Car culture is reliant on levels of arousal generated by engine power, speed and motion.1 There is a type of affect, which is an integral part of the perception of driving experience and the power of speed, that is connected to the sonic experience. The infamous film by Claude Lelouch C’etait un Rendez-vous (1976), of an eight-minute high-speed drive through Paris in the early morning, attests to such levels of excitement connected to speed generated through sound and vision. If arousal is not stimulated through actual speed and engine noise then, often, music in the car is used to manipulate required levels of arousal. In fact, the most discussed sonic experience of cars, outside of engineering research into engine and design issues, is that of music (Bull 2004). Increasingly, driving becomes a technologically-mediated experience in which users actively create meaning for the cognitive and physical spaces they occupy using a range of sonic strategies. It is the technological advances in design which seal the interior from external and engine noise that have also facilitated these sophisticated soundtrack options.

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