5 reasons why the Internet will disappoint you, but a travel agent won’t

In these hi-tech and internet everywhere days, it’s easy for most people to assume that professional services, like travel agency has become irrelevant. Most people think that it is simpler and quicker to choose a destination, book an air ticket, book a hotel and hire a car on the internet than ever before.

There are plenty of review apps and tools online that can be used to aid in travel arrangements. However, a travel agent should be an integral part of your travel plans.

5 reasons why you still need your travel agent include:

Travel agents are more personal

Once you explain to your travel agent why you need to travel (leisure, business, education etc.) he/she is more likely to recommend to you the best location, accommodation and such relevant information to suit your particular needs.

This is because a travel agent is often well versed with the business of travel and can use personal experience and your tastes to arrange a trip that is best suited to your needs.

Internet tools are not yet as sophisticated enough to give you information that you can fully trust to be correct and without bias.

Relationships and Leverage

Travel agents usually have key relationships within the industry so that they can get you great offers that you normally wouldn’t get. For example, a sold out hotel room can suddenly become available to you.

If you want vacation rentals in Los Angeles, talking to your travel agent will help you identify a good house agent to help you look for exactly what you want. Heck, maybe he/she knows a particular rental that would be perfect for you.

Money saving ideas and perks

Travel agents can get you free room upgrades or can find out for you where to experience the best cost savings without compromising your trip. Your travel agent will, for example, not only get you that romantic room if you are going on a honeymoon, but he/she will also get you a great bottle of champagne as well.

Efficient and effective

If you want to do your own planning on the internet, you will have to scour for hours to get exactly what you want. With a travel agent, you can make use of his/her experience and get better options much faster.

Remember, your travel agent is a professional who makes such arrangements for a living. They are bound to be more efficient and effective than you will be. You can also rest assured that every part of your trip will be catered to, including all minor details.

What’s hot

Travel agents usually find out before anyone else (including the internet) what’s hot in the market. They usually get first hand information about availability of new venues and will therefore inform you about such places before anyone else.

Those new venues will often have great introductory offers and your travel agent will be quick to let you know.

When it comes down to it, the personal touch of a professional is very difficult to replace with a database of information which is what the internet is.

5 reasons why the Internet will disappoint you, but a travel agent won’t Photo Gallery

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