Abaton Island Resort & Spa Crete, Greece

Abaton Island Resort & Spa Crete, Greece

Some impressions before starting my hotel tour. Abaton Island Resort & Spa is one of Crete’s most luxurious and trendiest hotels. Heraklion International Airport. Abaton Island Resort & Spa can arrange transfers to/from the hotel. The drive takes approximately 20 minutes. The property operates a fleet of Mercedes E Class and S Class cars. Arrival at the hotel. Because of the pandemic, the temperature of all guests is checked at the entrance. The hotel overlooks the coastal town of Hersonissos. Hersonissos is famous for its lively nightlife and has many beachside bars & restaurants. The hotel is within walking distance of Hersoni. Yet it is an ultra-nrivafe haven nf tranauilitv that feels a world anart frc.

Let’s explore Abaton Island Resort & Spa’s public areas. The main hotel pavilion houses the light-filled, hilltop lobby. Large floor-to-ceiling windows offer lovely sea vie1 The lobby features an impressive carved-wood and marble reception. The concierge area is located in the lobby’s corner Check-in is done here (all guests get a glass of Champagne upon arrival). The property features an ultra-modern archi. The minimalist decor feels innovative, laid-back and chic. The lobby’s stylish bar is open until midnight. It is a great gathering point for a sunset cocktail until midnight or after-dinner hot chocolate. The lobby opens to an expansive lounge terrace. It boasts sublime views of the hotel’s shoreline and the Mediterranean Sea. The terrace also gives a good overview of the resoption. The hotel’s white pavilions – housing the rooms – tumble down a gentle hill.

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Next to the terrace is a water pond with sunken lounge. Lit by tiny lights at night (shown later), the pond is very popular for an Instagram photo. The terrace leads to the hotel’s main resta. Called F-zin Ivy League Restaurant, it serves international cuisine. This is the resort’s beautiful main swimming pool. The property also has a second, indoor pool. There are 4 other restaurants besides F-zin Ivy League. A fish restaurant, steak restaurant, Cretan taverna, and Asian venue (Buddha Bar). The resort offers halfboard package (which I recommend). It allows guests to enjoy an international buffet dinner at F-zin Ivy League Restaurant. The halfboard package also allows for flexibility. Guests get a 25 Euro (per person) credit when they prefer to dine at another restaurant. The terrace features a shaded lounge area. It’s a lovely place to retreat to during the heat of the day. The lobby also houses some shops. They sell high-end beachwear, elegant jewelry, handcrafted toys, and home accessories.

The resort even has an online shop on its website. Its collection helps guests recreate the essence of Abaton in their own home. The hotel is a brand new property. Abaton Island Resort & Spa opened its doors on 20 April 2018. The notel Is a brand new prooertv Abaton Island Resort S Spa opened Its Lfon Xpdl 2018. The hotel has received many awards since its opening. It has also featured as the backdrop for countless glamorous fashion shoots. The hotel has received many awards since its opening It has also featured as the backdrop for countless glamorous fashion shoots. The hotel features 152 exclusively-designed rooms. The luxurious rooms, villas and suites come in 14 different categories. I was upgraded to this room during my holiday Room category: Luxury Seafront Guestroom with Private Pool. i ne room reaiures a piusn Kingsize oea.

The bed’s impressive headboard was hand-carved in India. Tip: get free VIP perks when booking via Virtuoso. This includes an upgrade, daily breakfast, and $100 USD resort credit (link below clip). The terrace features two sun loungers & umbrella. There’s also a more intimate, shaded lounge area. Welcome amenities. A bottle of red wine & local snacks. The open-plan bathroom is equipped with: A freestanding bathtub, one sink, lavatory and shower cabin. Toiletries are from Jo Malone. Jo Malone is a modern British fragrance and lifestyle brand. Let’s explore the resort grounds & leisure facilities. The property is surrounded by a perfectly manicured garden. The garden features several water ponds.

The serene setting is a delightful contrast to Hersonissos’ wild party scene. Let’s have a stroll around the pool. The pool area is open from 7am until 7pm. The pool is filled with seawater. Dozens of loungers and bean awater are arranged around the pool A couple of wet beds are located inside the pool. These beds are reserved for guests staying in a villa or can be booked for a fee. I filmed this sequence right after sunrise. Most guests were still asleep, hence why the pool area looks deserted. Be inspired by my travels around the world & get tips for luxury travel on a budget. I publish 3 newsletters per week about luxury travel:. Top 10 travel lists, reviews of hotels & flights, contests, news and tips. Each Saturday, I publish a new YouTube clip. It features either a hotel review or a flight trip report in Business or First Class. There’s a also a small pool for young children. Abaton Island Resort & Spa is a great destination for families, friends and couples.

Let’s take a dip in the pool. The pool is heated, making a dip possible even in the cooler. The pool area overlooks the hotel’s shoreline. Abaton Island Resort & Spa offers its guests a 364 m (1195 ft) long, semi-private shoreline. The resort’s expansive shoreline is truly spectacular. It offers great views of Crete’s romantic sunrises and sunsets. Excellent service is provided. Staff are poised ready to swap towels and serve snacks and drinks. Abaton is located on Crete’s northeast coast. Crete is the largest island of Greece and the fifth largest island in the Mediti. Crete is known as the cradle of Western civilization. The earliest urban civilizations of Europe belong to the Bronze Age Mino’anstrf . The Minoan civilization started around 3000 BC. It flourished until 1450 BC, finally ending around 1100 BC after a period of decline.

The most notable Minoan palace is that of Knosso. Visiting Knossos near Heraklion is one of the best things to do on Crete. The most notable Minoan palace is that of Knoi Visiting Knossos near Heraklion is one of the best things to do on Crete. Today, Crete is mainly known as a holiday destination. The island offers glorious beaches, impressive mountains, fertile valleys and steep-gorges. This is the hotel’s Buddha Bar. The trendy venue offers a couple of sunken dining tables. The best months to visit Crete are. May, June, September and October (the weather is usually warm and sunny). The best months to visit Crete are:. Summer is also a good time, but be prepared for:. Tourist crowds, hot temperatures (although there’s always a breeze), and high hotel-rates. Lunch is served with a gorgeous sea view 🙂 Greek salad & Negima chicken robata.

Several loungers and umbrellas on the beach are available to hotel gui. The property’s far end features a small beach. Several loungers and umbrellas on the beach are available to hotel guests. The beach is not private. All beaches in Crete are open to the public. The beach is pretty. It features gently sloping shallows and soft sand. Late afternoon is a great time for a drink at BiJiddha Bar. Late afternoon is a great time for a drink at Buddha E Buddha Bar is a bar, restaurant, and hotel franchise, popular among yuppies. The first Buddha Bar opened in Paris in 1996. The venue’s orientalist lounge ambience and Asian cuisine became an instant hit. Buddha Bar has also released several music albums. The brand is popular in part because of its choice of eclectic, avant-garde music. Abaton Island Resort & Spa enjoys great sunset views. Only few luxury hotels in the eastern part of Crete offer a view of the sunset. Let’s have dinner at F-zin Ivy League Restaura During the pandemic, the venue’s buffet is replaced by a la carte dishes. The next morning. The a la carte breakfast is also served at F-zin Ivy League Restaurant.

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