The Air Khaoyai Resort Tayland

Let the all year-round cool breeze ofThe Ain@) Khaoyai Resort refreshes and recharges your body and mind. This truly relaxing resort is a family ofcharming villas and cabins, with 3 multi-bedrooms big brothers, accommodating from 8-24 guests, and 2 smaller brothers, accommodating 2-8 guests. Each family member has his own style and tone, so every time you visit would be a totally new experience Let us explore TheAir @ KhaoYai.

# The Lake House Surrounded by floor to ceiling glass walls, the 1 bedroom single storey villa features a small serene pond right at your doorstep and an acrylic roof for that romantic night under the stars.

#The Air As the first and the biggest brother of TheAir@KhaoYai, The Air sumptuously features 6 loft-styled bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and spacious rooftopwith spectacular surrounded views.

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It would be hard to find an idle moment here as there are plenty of activities to do. from swimming in your private outdoor pool, to showing off your singing skills in the karaoke room and enjoying fun family games in the game room.

Full breakfast set is served every morning to g ive you the fuel you need to explore the resort. Take a morning stroll or bike around the resort, and while you’re at it, stop by at the farm to feed friendly goats and sheep. TheAir @ KhaoYai has everything you need for a perfect vacation!

# The Moroccan I With 3 well-appointed bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, The Moroccan I is the smaller twin of The Moroccan II. The front outdoor pool sets a perfect space for all kind of activities for family and friends or use it for a romantic poolside dining under the stars.

# The Cabin Stylishly sitting in the middle of the lush gardened landscape, The Cabin is a lofty getaway haven for couples and small families. Wake up to the panoramic tranquil sceneries from your bed and get to the rooftop to have that morning cup of coffee amidst the 360-degree view of Khao Yai.

The Moroccan II The Moroccan II transports you to a lavishly decorated Moroccan palace amidst the green scenery of Khao Yai. The 2-storeys home boasts 4 luxurious bedrooms with individual bathroom, a spacious living room/game room that can accommodate as much as 30 guests comfortably. It also highlights a karaoke room, a large swimming pool, and a romantic rooftop spa to ensure that you will never be a dull moment here.

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