Detox International Granada Spain

Detox International, Spain


Location: Granada, Spain
Best for: A mind detox
Price: Seven days start from £1,150

If you’re looking to declutter an overloaded mind, this sunny retreat, nestled in the stunning Alpujarra region of Southern Spain, could be exactly what you’re searching for. With a backdrop of mountains, beautiful gardens and open terraces, this inspiring setting will give you the space you need to calm your mind and focus on your wellbeing.

Holistic healing Designed to help you reconnect with your true self, Detox International’s programme includes rejuvenating yoga, meditation, and talks. What’s more, there’s a team of experts to support you throughout – we think you’ll have absolutely no issues tuning into your inner wisdom here.

Spiritual recovery Boasting 100 per cent organic juices and mineral broths on the menu, plus trained nutritionists to hand, you’ll have everything you need for a cleansing and healing detox.

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