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Hello guys today, I’m going to be going to see well see what is a fairly small town kind of in the middle of nowhere in the desert in see WA there is this amazing magnificent fort just kind of looming in the horizon right in town, and when you think of the word fort you might be thinking of this squarely constructed stone building well just basically erase all of that image, and start over. Because that is nothing like what is in c1 let me show you how do you know you make your own luck in life we really worry about security in this town who wasn’t even locked well I have been on the bus all day going to see wha, I’m in the middle of nowhere oh my gosh where am I going, I’m excited Hey guys oh my gosh I have just woke it up, and gone onto the roof of the house. But, I’m staying at, and this is the roof there is a ruined Fort City I am beyond excited to go, and explore see what I am about to go up to the old fort cannot tell you how excited I am. Because well we’ve seen it can’t see by the Facebook yet only put the eyes I can see it making them declare you look at this this is insane here I am now just wandering through this fort oh this is so amazing, I’m just blown away right now look at this view that way is the Sahara Desert there’s tabletop mountains Paris what is this one called Duncan Mountain doesn’t know the name of stairs there’s a lot of mountains over there the Oracle is over there there’s different moss all around. So sound is kind of just vibrating everywhere all around me okay heading back down now amazing sunset that I just saw here oh this place is so cool I have to be careful. Because I’ve been warned that there is no hospital here the closest one is in Alexandria which may be ten hours away good this, I’m just. So happy right now this is my dream exploring this maze historic just abandoned place this fort is known as the Sharlee it is over 900 years old, and it has this insane crazy story. So the locals here that we’re living here. So many centuries ago they there were two tribes actually that lived inside this fort, and in the day they would go out, and go about whatever they were doing, and they would actually have wars between each other these two different tribes. But then in the night they would all come back to the fort. Because this was their safe place that they lived, and there was a big wall down the middle of this fort, and there was the East, and the West.

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But both tribes lived in this fort together, and yet when they went out in the day they would be fighting battles, and wars, and actually still today they say see ones have a long memory. Because they’re still kind of this animosity between oh are you the east or are you the west, and yeah it’s crazy the fort is abandoned now no one lives in it. But before everyone lived in this fort I think it was completely abandoned in the 1950s after there was a huge rain here everything is made of mud. Because it doesn’t rain here. So they can do that. But there was a huge rain here in the 1950s there was another one in the 1920s that had already kind of started to disintegrate the fort the one in the 1950s just kind of finalized everything for them they said you know what we need to move out of here move into towns, and now this place is abandoned guys I just want to show you this awesome Villa that, I’m staying in looks like something out of a movie really go this way the ceilings are made of pine beams this is my friend Duncan who owns this amazing Villa I you built this house here spelled right pretty much yeah I didn’t actually standing in the mud with my own feet, and mix it. But I was overseeing that, and made sure that the mud was delivered to to get the house bill arrived here in February 2005, and see what yeah, and we had our first booking in mid October that year.

So it was busy they don’t work to deadlines here. So that was a it was fun. But uh we did it yeah we opened in October 2005 before it was it was kind of we still get families here now what, I’m doing is, I’m I’m gonna reopen it as a co-working space this is an old mud wall this is probably over a hundred years old I remember the pass we were trying to drill into this, and it was as tough if not tougher than concrete there is no cement in here this is lumps of salt, and mud over a hundred years old, and this is all just part of the house yeah Phoebe starts yeah these are over I had an ocular to stay head, and they said they were over 2,000 years old. So these are stones that were used to grind well just in your house huh this is the steamer whoa. So the archaeologic aim here said I will ignore the fact that you’re using a 2000 year-old beautiful pillar stone there’s a window did you not know we I did. But oh this place is just. So cool I didn’t even know that all this is back here this Villa is like more than a villa once all this work is done, and it’s a co-working space this is gonna be.

So awesome I really want to see it what it’s like that definitely got to come back out let me take you across the street no Josh, I’ll show you the, I’ll show you the other house he has more houses that are also going to be used for co-working is that right yeah that’s the plan they say there’s been a house here for about on this location for about 600 years these are like living breathing houses they’re made of mud, and salt. So they reckon these walls are about maybe 150 200 years old they just keep rebuilding them yeah sorry it’s basically keep the original door they’re all like rip it out rip it out it’s like no this is beautiful wow this is gonna be the dining room oh my gosh what is my plan here is we have windows at the top. So, I’m gonna get lots of motorbike mirrors, and put the mirrors, and bounce the light. So there is no written history of Siwon before the British Empire British soldiers were here yeah. So nobody really knows. But if you talk to the archaeologists is yeah in the in the winter it gets a little bit cold here. So if you lived in a cave it was warm, and the sauna is cool.

So you can see here’s some of the layers of black they say could be thousands of years old that have people living there like a caveman I mean it really was they lived in caves and. So what I was done it’s like what’s happened here, and people have been living here mm is that right what’s the biggest moment that happened here what was the biggest fight what was the biggest joy as there was definitely that a lot of things have happened it’s in this space, and it’s I don’t it’s just a pretty amazing place history yeah yeah he’s trying to capture it, and still keep that old. So, I’ll keep the old suit of where they had the fires oh definitely yeah don’t clean that yeah not leave that. But but the idea is to bounce the light into here this is the kitchen it’s a bit of a maze. So let me take you through. So we go through here oh my gosh this is a maze this door is so small check out the view on the roof it just keeps going I just love the doors all their smell it’s like it’s more adventurous you have to go through these corners, and like we’re I think the main thing that, I’m just loving about see why is that so much if it feels like just a step back in time, and people here are just living their lives with the same customs that they have for a thousand years behind me right now there these guys are building the minaret of a new mo same just with mud, and salt there’s some people selling stuff downstairs that happens live here.

But it’s just the main thing that, I’m taking away from see was that atmosphere, and I love it well this place is amazing the villa is amazing. But this place I have to say is incredible it’s like an adventure walking around in here really feel it like what its gonna be thanks for showing me great pleasure, and Duncan is looking for a manager for all this fixing up if you want to come here, and have an Egyptian adventure I love stuff like this Explorer in these half-ruined historic buildings surrounded by this old city – my dream this is just like a movie set, and you live here don’t get you realize how lucky you are well as you know you make your own luck in life do you guys like my adventures in c1 today as always I have. So many more posts in Egypt coming up thank you for reading bye.

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