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After entering the state from Tennessee, this famous National Scenic Trail follows the ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a northeasterly direction across Virginia to the Maryland border.

About one-quarter of the entire Appalachian Trail is located within this state. For most of its route here the trail is on lands of Jefferson National Forest, George Washington National Forest, and Shenandoah National Park.

There's some fine mountain scenery en route, with many superb views available. Difficulty ranges from easy to strenuous. Much of the trail in Virginia is graded, so steep ascents are relatively uncommon.

Camping Regulations: Trail shelters are spaced at regular intervals along the trail. Camping and campfires are limited to these shelters and other authorized campsites when the trail runs outside of National Forest and National Park lands.

Camping and campfires are allowed almost anywhere else, except where posted otherwise, when the trail is on National Forest lands. Campsites should be well off the trail and away from water sources.

Special rules apply for camping in Shenandoah National Park. A permit is required, and may be obtained in advance by mail or in person. Campfires are prohibited. Shelters in the park may no longer be legally used for camping except in emergencies or severe weather. See the Shenandoah National Park entry page 284 for complete regulations.

For Further Information: Appalachian Trail Conference, P.O. Box 807, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425. This organization publishes three separate guidebooks for different sections of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia.

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