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Vintage and Thrift Stores

Charlotte is not known for its fashion sceneand for good reason. For a long time, shopping in the

Queen City meant driving to the mall and sifting through the racks of a big-name national retailer; there were too few options for finding unique pieces at local boutiques. Fortunately, as with most things in Charlotte, the shopping scene has improved dramatically in recent years. There are more independent retailers than ever and new shops keep popping up in neighborhoods throughout the city. Today, there is no shortage of small boutiques, indie music shops, art galleries, thrift, stores, and specialty retailersbut the city still has its fair share of megachains, too.

Charlotte will never compare to New York or L.A. when it comes to the range of shopping options, but the smaller number of boutiques makes shopping in the Queen City a little more manageable. Plus, it’s easier to choose a few favorites where you’ll get personalized attention and first dibs on new shipments.

In addition to the major shopping districts, including South End, Dilworth, NoDa, and South Park, there are small enclaves in neighborhoods like University City, Ballantyne, Birkdale Village, and Cotswold, where unique little shops are tucked in amongst residential developments. Even though the shopping districts are more robust than ever, Charlotte still hasn’t completely shed its devotion to strip malls, megamalls, and chain stores. Chances are good that you’ll find yourself wandering through a mall or scouring the aisles at the neighborhood Target at some point during a shopping excursion.

Despite the limited Spanish presence among them, the Zuni adapted some aspects of the colonizers’ culture. Austin Metro Map Like other native peoples, the Zuni incorporated the introduction of these European ways into their own culture, myths, and legends. The heritage of nearly three centuries of Spanish contact included a few metal tools, agricultural products such as wheat, livestock such as sheep and goats, and a variety of concepts and practices that the Zuni altered to fit their belief structure, such as a secular government with parallel religious leadership.

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