Australians Try Slovenian Candy

Oh hey everybody, I’m Jess and, I’m Steven, and we’re flying the nest, and I feel like it’s been.

So long since we’ve tried some candy from the local place that they think there’s like no consistency to these posts I think the last song we did one was in Malaysia Buddhist year yeah we’ve just been spending the week exploring Slovenia, and we walked into your local shopping centre, and did not recognize any of your candy. So we described a basket bought as much as we could buy, and I think we were gonna try some some candy for you yeah the last few days we’ve actually been exploring Ljubljana, and Lake Bled, and Slovenia is beautiful guys I feel like it’s one of those underrated countries no one ever talks about it. But it is amazing you have to go hopefully these candy that I have in front of me is from Slovenia you know we’ve never seen them before let’s start eating food not only in the morning yeah just like breakfast and, I’m kind of full. But oh well let’s do this alrighty first thing we saw is fruit of Bella it almost looks like a muesli bar I saw these everyone yeah like on your checkouts just everywhere Oh expecting that young mostly bought covered in them you’re gay it’s like an LC n bar kinda looks like a yogurt kind of easily well alright cheers Cheers well that is super nice yeah sure though it’s like rocks bubbles with a dried fruit in the middle mmm YUM mine has apricot in the middle oh you’ll just get from let me try yours yeah this is.

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So good it’s like this would be the best in your lunch box to school except for probably being banned. Because everyone wants healthy stuff it’s healthy it’s got fruit in the middle oh all the chair even better YUM I like the cherries daughter this is good, I’m gonna pack this for a little walk tonight alright next up we have Ron he original what is the it says toffee ah why is it always top beating everybody going Turner top tea with herb extracts what’s that mean okay. So the individually wrapped here’s one where are you regretting this I still don’t understand what herb extract it’s like it’s always in this extra additional life why plate that you know you know you’re not a wrap on this is always a grandmas kind of oh it’s like lay it it looks like it’s been rolled like that palatable back home what smells good oh it’s soft oh oh no no it’s like licorice that’s why no oh my gosh I love it that’s disgusting I hate red licorice, and combine that with toffee no it’s black licorice or black licorice coffee.

I never thought that those two things would go that is so young re next one is Casal ease sure cone banana. So, I’m guessing that’s like chocolate banana yeah at home we have like these done all these I think you either love them or you hate them I love them I don’t Monica always. So excited to be. Because I’ve never had chocolate chip banana lollies a fair trade oh yeah that’s interesting these are different by 2000 they soft oh it really Stivers really smelt a strong smell Mitchell click other banana lilies mmm oh, I’m not too sure if chocolate, and banana go together like I love banana lollies I love chocolate. But I don’t think they go together choco banana no no no it’s okay oh yeah all right next up is we found this chocolate bar and, I’m thinking of Slovenian it has a cute little girl on the front, and it says slovensko which KO colada could be slovenia slovakia colada Slovenian chocolate yeah sorry, and the brand is called go rent in jakarta rent you don’t like Levine ian’s are gonna be cringing it uh pronunciation sorry guys alright I thought Ljubljana was pronouncing the job lianna Steve you need to stop saying it like that lavon’s the loop length see Lillian LeBlanc secret we’re trying to pronounce it huh that’s so sneaky though. Because you like, I’ll have one piece of chocolate that’s half the chocolate Bowl Oh elves like Easter chocolate well that’s yum really suck it tastes like a steak that Lindt chocolate y’all really good chocolate I really like it it’s like a margherita pizza it’s like no much flavor. But you can still eat a lot of it that’s probably the best one we’ve had.

So far oh no I love the toffee licorice thing no we’re gonna try something a little bit different this was actually in our hotel first limit every single hotel we stayed out in Slovenia yeah. So like they must be from Slovenia. So it’s a cocktail I assume is some sort of code. But it says the finest herbal extracts, and that was either the herbal extracts is in this one that you didn’t like it – no don’t be licorice card try it you can have the first tip then not too busy is it yeah Wow I’ve never had a soda that tastes like that I don’t even know how to describe the taste what is that like fizzy tea yeah that’s a good one like Lipton iced Eva fizzy yeah fizzy iced tea with coke, and the finest pepper a little bit our dr. peppers voice. But it’s not that bad this is not bad I don’t go for it it’s like not very flavoursome it’s like, I’m drinking flavored. So yeah it’s like fizzy tea mmm that’s weird I’ve never tasted anything like it Oh interesting guys if you run Slovenia it’s like a go to fizzy drink or do you guys just drink like Coke, and Pepsi also we got the original flavor we did see like some with red packaging I don’t know if there was a difference here we’re not original all right next up we’re gonna go for a little bit more of like jellies this is called NIM to soft looks like this I really heard this is so sylvania why I love Jeremy by the way I don’t know I couldn’t find the first one I couldn’t find the second one there’s a fun fact yeah you know if you yard they making a sequel called dose lolis, and then decide on a sequel inside this it will go really bad okay anyway it’s a bunch of different flavors in this, and what would you well, I’m gonna go for right well thank you very hard oh okay yeah grandmas it looks like it’s gonna be goo in the middle all right like stop vest oh yeah that does remind me of starburst. But I feel really hard let’s see alright let you eat oh they popped in my mouth oh yeah do you bite in popped all the guqin Oh sound amazing ASMR right now oh it tastes like starbursts that have the gooey stuff in the middle. But these taste a little bit more chewy are Starbuzz or sock isn’t good though I like them do you guys have Starbucks by the way is that Australian they’re very chewy it’s an effort sweet hmm yeah you’d walk around, and then you’d have this for a long time not bad I feel like if you were a kid this would be amazing yeah this is definitely childhood Lily hmm all right this is the second last one yeah draggy exp kick C, and we got the classic got the classic edition I mean it’s in a different language I don’t if that’s Slovenian okay not wanting to be from this oh not bellezza Italian mmm no. But that’s not Italian Italian doesn’t have the little open it again hey I like funky they look like animal food very strong chocolate smell oh they’re biscuit in the middle these are great no no these are like chocolate biscuits this is good yeah, I’m good like that it’s not next week ones where you just eat eat eat in the packet Scott yeah Netflix, and chill with these this is really good most of these my favorite size mmm I love a good light chocolate covered it’s good just the simple things that wins. So far all righty final one we saved this to last. Because it looks like it’s the obvious it’s called choco Nippon again I really heard this is from Slovenia. Because does that sound miss lavinia norm this is more like I saw it, and I wasn’t sure.

But it looked. So tasty I hope. So guys it’s hard to tell. Because they put they put like a new sticker oh wow I don’t know where your looks like this on the back also another one-piece wonder what are those things in a chocolate smells like some rice krispies I don’t know let’s try it oh are they I hope this is cereal who knows a kid really I don’t know how to describe it it’s like we what is it is a weight or is it rice on ours I’ve seen it some cereal before I don’t know what the white stuff is I don’t know it does take out most of the chocolate yeah look little at why I don’t know what. But it tastes like something I’ve had before yeah it’s like kind of like Coco Pops. But not the chocolate comes no like before they get comedy table that’s how I’ve described oh my gosh where I really like it though mmm-hmm okay do you guys have some good chocolates mmm favorite just. Because they’re so easy to eat no no the liquids coming out of the door I love licorice my favorite sweets by the way I think we are fully hiked up to do some more exploring oh yes.

But if you are new around here make sure you hit comment, and if you are Slovenian, and just joined in we did three posts in Slovenian yeah. So make sure you go check them out we’ll link them below, and of course if we missed any chocolates or lollies or if these aren’t from Slovenia you can yell at us in the comments. Because we failed every single time alright guys thanks so much for reading see you next time I got as I need to show you this before the posts ended actually look at this Optima, and um.

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