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What’s good in the world? A bunch of Better Homes and Gardens readers, that’s what! And what a great time I have whenever I am with any of you. But what a really wonderful experience it is to travel with you! You’re a mad crowd of adventurous, funny, interesting and exciting travel companions!

At the end of 2016, a group of us had a magical trip visiting the Christmas markets in Europe.

We had fifteen days of sparkling lights, dazzling decorations and festive creations from the smallest tree ornament to the most amazing of Christmas wreaths. Our days were filled with shopping, eating, talking, eating, shopping and celebrating, in France,

Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In exquisite Prague – what a city! – we had an astounding cooking class,,, which turned into quite the party!

Most of the population is sandwiched into urban centers and areas Austria Subway Map with fertile soils, such as valleys and coastal plains. Mountainous areas tend to support low populations Austria Subway Map . Looking at settlement another way, about half the population lives in cities (47 percent) and about half is rural (53 percent), living scattered about the countryside. Interestingly, these figures are very close to those for literacy, also about 50 percent. Most city people have at least some education. On the other hand, schools are few and far between in the country’s rural areas.

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