It’s Thursday morning it’s October 15th 2018 it’s just about 6:30 in the morning I woke up I made myself a fresh cup of coffee with new French breaths Jessica still asleep. So, I’m trying to be quiet. But, I’m gonna have this coffee I have a chill Bonnie, I’m going to eat, and then, I’m gonna head to the gym nice, and early for a good workout session feeling really really motivated, and just alive after last night going out with Dylan. So yeah she’ll get today, I’m gonna help to the gym, and get on with this day today like day we’re doing squats lunges jumps these calf lunge raised type of things, and then a nice 30min row on the art machine just got them to work out felt really really good I love working on my legs. Because the legs are the largest muscle group in the body.


So I feel like I get the most bang for my buck when I work out my legs just something about doing squats, and kettlebell swings, and kettlebell cleans it’s a very brisk cool day in Manhattan mid 50s sunny good start to the day though what the heck is going on here you know what’s going on guys that will parking the other guys I didn’t hit stop yeah I think it’s the construction on Second Avenue there’s a truck that’s double parked up ahead blocking the road, and it’s created a traffic jam all the way back down this whole block that’s the good thing about being on a bike you can kind of carefully maneuver around well actually I I can’t get through here no way alright, I’m gonna go on the sidewalk, I’m gonna jump on the bike, and go home make some breakfast, and then start editing a post it’s a lot later now it’s almost sundown about two hours left the sunlight we’re walking through Central Park by the cedar hill back there, and we’re going to the boathouse right now.

Because on the start of the summer we said we wanted this was like in June or May we said we wanted to go take the rowboats out in the lake, and we never did it well you know what it was every time we came here to do it the line was obscenely lie it’s like that we can do that like wrapping all the way around to the fountain long yeah like certain Seine, and where I should have we tip over though they’re like somewhere to put what what are we gonna do we’re not gonna tip over Jessica I promise we will not tip over okay if we do I shall save you okay. But what about my cell phone, I’ll hold you up over my head like this and, I’ll do the kick the kick or the breaststroke kick, and hold you up. But I don’t even think it’s that deep I was out for the water on the seat it’s alright thank you you have to steer. Because I can’t see where, I’m going, and I will row us wherever you want to go all right go that way what is your goal. So, I’ll just tell Jessica that one of my main goals in life is very far away. But when, I’m an 80 year old man I want to live somewhere on the water I want to have a rowboat like this, and I want to wake up every single morning, and go row, and watch the Sun Rise for my little rowboat while Jessica is sleeping in somewhere in the house and, I’ll come back, and curl into bed, and get you after you’ve made me breakfast train you make breakfast, I’ll make the coffee, I’m just kidding Eric straton cooking ha ha ha I love you though good vibe no I haven’t even tried yet, I’m gonna shake this boat no no no do you camera I will make sure that your carrot gets what oh just a friend is coming for you guy look he’s coming straight at us okay literally he’s coming straight for us yeah in your food this is Jessica’s moment right now there’s a duck right next to our boat he’s talking to you yes he wants to be pet.

So bad Jessica I wish I had fluid thankfully yes we are very ill prepared we should have brought duck treats I know we should have brought my coats cuz look he’s weight, and he’s like I want some food right now from you guys I feel like all birds know that you love them. So whenever you’re around they come straight to you yeah a lot of times a brake pad like come to us yeah it’s a weird thing, and your doctor Doolittle said remember when we had our meetup right back there it’s not empty. But there’s compared to the summer time when was it that was uh August yeah what longus what do you want to have another meetup at I don’t know cuz if you’re planning to have one in December cold we can’t have it I said it’s gonna be freezing no I don’t know maybe we should have a sooner maybe I don’t know I think December is a really good time to have it Oh Christmas time yeah this was uh this was just. So peaceful it was this we needed this you know this is good to just come out here this Fanta stocking from the boat to the bus then home for dinner time we just had some dinner lady after good just went to the gym, and got her elliptical on she’s wearing her lifeguard sweater cuz, I’m a lifeguard yeah the best lifeguard can’t swim we’re going to the grocery store right now to pick up some nice cider we’re looking for some hard cider tonight. Because it’s a very very nippy fall evening wanna just sit by a campfire, and sip some cider, and make some s’mores. But we don’t have a campfire or s’mores. So we’re just gonna settle with the cider you never had this stuff this is the good stuff this is from Vermont the woodchuck hard cider we come in here for hard cider, and we leave with a handful of goodies for Jess could you believe that I just got carded no that was the first time I’ve gotten carded in a long long time making me feel young again well don’t feel like, I’m too I don’t know I want you to say you’re trying to have a woody insult.

But I just said awkward awkward Jessica I should be like remember I don’t like I don’t know if any of you remember this I remember like awkward turtle that’s the thing that was the thing I was a thing back in uh that was like your age I don’t remember how old I was I was young, and I remember there’s like awkward turtle awkward llama was awkward llama maybe my friends just like made out with his mama I don’t like llama baby no nothing. So oh no way it was like it was like I owe ya like an old EMU sing like a like a bird no open like maybe like that yes Kalama there’s like awkward snake awkward Trudeau would awkward Jessica be yeah that’s your favorite when Jess feels awkward in a situation, and it’s you know when there’s a situation, and it’s awkward, and hurt to break someone has to do something that’s your go-to well like this is literally like if, I’m walking the street something off her happens a cup well you cringe mourn you put the arms up I made that face on a subway the other day I was walking down the platform, and someone just like came around this right front yeah, and I was just like it was like her like as always like excited someone started cracking out at me hey did you tell me about this no, and everything do you have that you should post this stuff. Because I’d love to see this well I don’t know well, I’m awkward when I saw when I get nervous exactly offered the public pocket Jessica got a ton of extra supplies, and she’s making a cake right now in this crock pot want to explain yourself suppose say I got the recipe off the bus speed oh my goodness best food recipe. But it’s supposed to be like a Bolton lava chocolate cake thing. But it’s like really easy it’s just chocolate cake Mike I was so confused when you took out the crock-pot, I’m like why is she putting it cake mix in this crock pot. So how long does this take to cook two, and a half hours.

But look at two, and a half hours is re starting to cater by cake affinity cook bake I mean mmm crock pot cake hmmmm feigning for chocolate oh actually this is a good time to do it do you want to announce the queue a post /i just announced it. So I it’s letting me announce the big announcement not ready that me uh-huh okay would you just dropped a knife come on Jessica this one’s actually sharply okay put that down he’s not shy, I’m great too this put it down on with the announcement okay um. So Monday’s post is going to be a Q&A post. So leave us your comments below, and on our instagrams, and Twitter no I think just down below is fine that’s a lot of places to look well if your honor Instagram or Twitter you can you just saying that. Because you want people to look at your experience. So yes we are doing a Q&A post on Monday there’s a lot of new people in the blog I know the last one we did was in August go back, and watch the previous Q&A post. So you can see questions that we’ve already answered.

So you can think of some new creative ones Cheers the cider, and fall all right we’re gonna watch a movie. So until Monday remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion also remember to ask your questions for the Q&A post on Monday leave them down below in the comment section or on Jessica’s Instagram for her specific ones, I’m really excited to answer some questions. Because it’s been a long time since we did a Q&A post, and those are always fun I felt those are my favorite posts.

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