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Greetings from bustling Bangkok Thailand, I’m here for only a quick stopover. But I still want a local experience.

So, I’m going to go meet up with friend, and Thai food expert mark Wiens of migration ology to get a taste of local culture through authentic Thai cuisine let’s go eat I met mark in the Victoria monument area of central Bangkok where we wasted no time in diving into delicious sights, and sound the city streets Mark’s been living in Bangkok for the past seven years running his popular food blog, and blog. So he was the perfect person to help me navigate this culinary Mecca our first stop of the day was just off the main drag at a low-key spot that served up a local favorite what’s up sir all right what do we got here mark this is a restaurant that serves boat noodles, and soba noodles are probably one of the most popular styles of a noodle to eat in Bangkok.

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It is a the broth is pork based, and then they add a little bit of pork blood raw pork blood into the interior bowl before they they scoop in some of the hot soup, and as soon as the hot soup is poured into your noodles then it the blood just kind of curdles up to make it a rich, and flavorful sauce oh those noodles are shows up it’s got just affirming like it’s not like 2g I see what, I’m stomachs coated with a tasty layer of curdled pork blood I was hungry for more this is called pokémon, and it is a it’s like pureed fish mixed to it curry paste well that cook at the end I guess yeah it’s like it’s like day-old sticky rice little kids you we got this is called an uptick by pool, and it’s a roasted chili sauce made with grilled mackerel.

So this guy, I’m in there like this that’s it we’ll take away with your hands man is that good really strong grilled fish taste on the crispiness of the vegetable it’s a delicious little treat okay move, I’m cleared burger we’re in a car park eating this street food you gotta get out of the way. So cars can get in this is one of my favorite lettuce wrapped around green mango shredded dried catfish a sweet, and sour sauce oh it’s really good perfect summertime street food here in bangkok when it’s hot out this is a good well good out yet oh now, and after a crazy street food fuelled morning it was time for lunch when we got here this one is guiyang which is grilled chicken then we’ve got some some Tunku Allah which is crucify a salad with crab, and fermented fish these are vegetable garnish lapa do prints which is lob salad with minced catfish, and then some post sap which is soup with pork bones, and then finally this is Konya which is sticky rice we got it all yeah this is a complete meal I hate you right away over the spice oh. But it comes back it’s different from the other ones that come out a little sweet, and then give you a kick at the end, and then he just goes away it’s really good that’s crazy I thought I was a Thai food fanatic before this trip. But to experience it like a local took my palate, and appreciation to a whole new level through the food, and conversations I shared with mark today I got a small window into life in Bangkok, and it was delicious that was perfect mark just dropped me off here at the subway, I’m full sweaty, and absolutely satisfied a little taste of Thai culture here in Bangkok if you liked the post give it a thumbs up leave a comment below, and make sure you comment to this blog for more posts every week, and also comment to Mark’s blog migration ology for amazing food posts all the time that’s all.

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