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BUSES. New York City buses are convenient for travelling crosstown (east and west), especially since the subway system runs essentially north and south (see Subway). There are buses on every avenue, too, except upper Park Avenue.

City buses are comfortable, not too crowded (except during rush hour) and cleaner than the subway. Although they take longer, you can enjoy the view. They cost the same as the subway (tokens can even be used): 50 cents per trip (there are no half-fares for children), 25 cents on Saturday nights and Sundays and 25 cents for a transfer (10 cents on weekends). You must have the right change, usually in quarters, to deposit in the box beside the driver.

When travelling north or south, always ask first to make sure the bus goes to your destination. Otherwise you may find yourself in Queens when you thought you were heading for the upper East side.

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