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I noticed my audio recorder was not on, so I hit the start button. Nothing. The battery was dead. What made this rather unusual is the fact I had put in fresh ones about an hour before. I wondered when it had stopped.

Quickly replacing batteries, I turned the recorder back on clicking back the last few seconds of audio. The sound abruptly cut off in the outside balcony corridor. Adding a bit of excitement to it, moments before the audio cut off the distinct sound of music was heard.

Bev and I glanced quickly at one another. Music? We replayed it a few times. It still sounded like musical notes. Almost like an orchestra or music box. There was no music in the whole theater that evening. In fact, the central speaker system was off. We made a note to check it out later. For now we continued our session in the lower balcony.

Our groups continued investigating, each moving quietly from area to area. Sometime after 11:15 p.m., Bev and I entered stage left, the back room and through the doors leading to the greenroom hall.
Ile a Vache (Cow Island) is located in the Barcelona Map Tourist Attractions Caribbean just off the southern shore of the southern peninsula. Importance of Land Features Rugged terrain covers Barcelona Map Tourist Attractions about four-fifths of Haiti. As a result, farming, building linkages such as highways, and construction of settlements are difficult and costly. Widespread deforestation of mountain slopes and hillside farming have resulted in massive erosion. Most Haitians are crowded into the country’s few small areas of lowland plains. Much of the upland region is quite isolated.

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