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Skipping four whole minutes (11:51AM) into the future from the last image with the tree trunk to now, stomachs are growling, even being from the Pacific Northwest, we’re completely waterlogged and feeling like drowned rats, so we make our way back along the sprawling trail of boardwalks toward the parking lot where we’ll lunch – inside the carout of the rain.

(This was the only picturesque buffalo poop we could find – lots of it all around the area (obviously if you’re a buffalo, the people boardwalks are so passe)but no buffalo.

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Which will become a theme for our little tour of Yellow Stone – poop and rain, but no stampeding herds of the wily beasts.

We presume they’re smart enough to come in out of the rain, unlike the hordes of tourist jamming the paths, parking lots, and roadways.)

Bathgate station was gutted by an arsonist. Out of this dismal history came resurrection, and the line to Bathgate, an unusual modern station, is now a busy commuter route. The railway bridge (not numbered) is, like quite a few of them, home to nesting swallows each summer. Squeezed between railway and M8, Bridge 21 (Kilpunt Bridge) just gives rural access, then we face the frantic motorway. When the travel destination was built there was no M8, of course, and its development caused a major blockage and set a problem for any reinstating of the travel destination – so the M8 was slightly raised, and by making an S bend the travel destination passes under the motorway. (You can work out where the original line ran.)Bridge just serves Learielaw Farm, a nice name. (Others hereabouts include Loup-o-Lees, Birdsmill, Pumpherston, Powflats and Lookaboutye.) The next Bridge, 23, Drumshoreland Bridge, has a cluster of buildings, and is a Scottish Destinations visitor mooring site with all the facilities, and working boats may also be seen. The building against the bridge (on the towpath side) has odd eyeshaped windows, and the corners of the bridge have grooves cut by towropes during the busy past.

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