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TERRORISM AND CIVIL UNREST. In the wake of 9/11, exercise increased vigi lance near embassies and be wary of big crowds and demonstrations. Keep an eye on the news, heed travel warnings, and comply with security measures.

Overall, risks of civil unrest tend to be localized and rarely directed toward tourists. Though the peace process in Northern Ireland is progressing, tension tends to surround the July marching season. Notoriously violent separatist movements include ETA, a Basque group that operates in southern France and Spain, and FLNC, a Corsican separatist group in France. The November 17 group in Greece is known for anti-Western acts, though they do not target tourists.

TRAVEL ADVISORIES.The following government offices provide travel info and advisories by phone or via the web:

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: ®13 0055 5135;

Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT): In

Canada and the US ® 800-267-6788; Call for their free booklet, Bon Voyage…But.

New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs: ® 64 4439 8000; United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office: ®087 0606 0290;

US Department of State:® 888-407-4747; For the book let A Safe Trip Abroad, call ® 202-512-1800.

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