Best postging Camera Gear Equipment for Travel in 2018

Hey everybody how you guys doing today’s a bit of a different post a lot of you asked how do we travel post what gear do you use how do you edit, and thought it was about time that we did a series. So you can share everything with you.

Best postging Camera Gear Equipment for Travel in 2018 Photo Gallery

Because me, and Jess have been travel blogging for two, and a half years now we even learned a lot, and we want to tell you guys everything in today’s post we’re gonna share with you what gear we used to post, and edit our travel blogs. But first let’s talk about camera gear. So people wanting to just get into postging, and don’t have a huge budget to buy camera gear this is the perfect camera this is the canon g7x now there is a mark ii version however with the version 1 it has a flip out screen which is perfect. Because you can frame yourself as well as see if you still in focus as well we don’t actually use this too often now we’ve tried to cut down. Because I prefer the quality of the camera which is our main posting camera. But, I’m gonna switch to this, and just. So I can tell you more about that now the main question we get asked all the time is which camera dnews for postging, and the answer is the sony a7s mark 2 this is the best camera for travel postging back in the day we used to have a Canon 5d Mark 3, and also a Canon 16 I don’t know why we had a backup camera honestly you don’t need it you just name one camera the reason we sold all I can I get to go to Sony.

Because I feel like Sony is absolutely killing it in the camera game at the moment. Because it is a mirrorless camera it is compact it’s light. But it still has all the features that you need is 4k posting this slow motion is inbuilt image stabilization, and it also takes really good photos at the same time. So when, I’m postging I actually don’t use any sort of gimbals or karela pods when you’re travel postging I feel like the main area to focus on is to try, and be as discreet as possible. Because you’re in new areas, and new cultures sometimes you can actually feel uncomfortable when you’re postging that happens to us a little bit. But we try to remove that as much as possible. So when, I’m postging I hold the camera up just like this now the reason I can get away with that is.

Because the camera has an inbuilt image stabilizer in the body as well as the lens the cameras gonna do all the work for you a lot of people out there do use a Gorillapod when they postging. But I find it’s just it brings too much attention to you, and on that second point of being discreet with sound as you can see I don’t have any sort of microphone on here a lot of people use the post mic Pro to capture sound now back in the day I used to do that. But I still felt like I was bringing a lot of attention to me while sales blogging instead I use the audio in the camera which is still decent enough of course you are going to get a better sound with the post mic Pro. But in the meantime, I’m still very happy with the quality of the sound coming from the camera however the best speech I can recommend to you is get this little mic from us you’re probably wondering what they are they’re my quality as I call them, and they just go above the microphones the reason we do that is a lot of times when you’re postging unfortunately there’s wind now these stop the wind or at least try their best to stop the wind it stops that sound when you’re postging, and it goes over the microphone which can be. So frustrating this property stops about 80 percent of the wind. So it doesn’t do a hundred percent of the job at least most of the time you’re gonna get good quality sound. So the lens that we use is actually a recent purchase worried about this a few months ago, and I’ve been absolutely loving it is the 16 to 35 Sony Fe s it’s the sony 16 to 35 mil F ef4 point.

So this is a wide-angle lens which i think is the perfect lens if not the only lens that you need for travel postging. Because it lets in so much more views surrounding. So just that you’re walking through the jungle. So you can get your face, and shot as well as the surrounding, and seeing as your travel postging you want to show where you are so the final point that I love about this camera is the continuous autofocus. So just, I’m posting the environment, and then I flip it back to my face it’s going to get your face back, and focus almost instantly. So what a minor drawback on the sony a7s 2 is the batteries you do have to have a few spare batteries to keep posting over multiple days I have four batteries in total. So I finally go through maybe one next two batteries a day however when you’re traveling sometimes charging you just forget to charge your battery.

So having multiple batteries at the ready in a handy cell can be. So helpful. Because the imagine being out there in an amazing location like the pyramids, and having no battery on your camera also with SD cards are trying to get the biggest possible one for the cheapest price I’ve got 128 gigabyte here I’ve won for the canon g7x, and I have one for the sony a7s Ettore now the reason I have such a big SD card. Because I like to triple backup everything one time we had an issue in Costa Rica where hard drive malfunction, and we lost everything. So ever since then I have two hard drives each of two terabytes one is the main, and one is a backup also having a bigger SD card it means that the footage is staying on the SD card for longer rather than me having to wipe it all the time it soaked where there’s like three different ways that my footage is backed out as much as we love the wide it still can’t do everything. So we have three lenses in total first one we have been we bought it with the camera is the 24 to 240 this is a zoom lens of course a wide-angle can’t get footage that is so far away from us for example when you’re in Africa, and you wanted to street the wildlife the wide isn’t perfect for that this is where this comes in handy also this is the go-to lens when, I’m doing time lapses as well.

Because usually you want to get it like a semi close-up of the Sun this is the one I go for third, and final lens that we have is this small little lens this is a 50mm 1.8. So this is the length we use if we’re wanting those beautiful cinematic shots where everything’s blurry behind you with camera gear when it comes to the F stops of this number here 1.8 the lower the number the more blurriness you’re gonna get this one’s quite cheap we picked it up for about $350, and it also super light, I’m actually really happy with the quality of this lens however sometimes the focus can be really slow. So we’re going to use it on certain occasions. But this is also great for photography as well. So the camera we use for underwater, and action shots is the GoPro Hero 4, I’m not 100% happy with this camera however I feel like the GoPro 6 is just around the corner that’s the reason I haven’t got the 5 yet.

But sister has it, and I’ve seen a few other bloggers using the five. So if you have an upcoming trip, and you really need a camera go pick up the GoPro five in the meantime, I’m just not as desperate to upgrade this camera just yet. So, I’m just gonna wait a few months until the new ones out another question that we get asked a lot is what drone to use, and this has been one of my most favorite purchases in the last year this is the DJI Matic pro, and ever since I got this I actually upgraded from the Phantom 3 I fly this so much more, and also feel like the image quality is so much better at the same time once again with travel you want to be as discreet, and light as possible this is the perfect drawing for that it does 4k it does 1080p at 60 frames per second, and this is just my favorite baby we also bought the fly mode package that’s a little bit more expensive however it comes with everything you need comes with this handy travel bag it also comes with the remote, and also came with two spare batteries. So the batteries last about 20 minutes, and I find in the real world I get about 15 minutes out of it. So being able to have two extra spare batteries means you’re able to extend to about 45 minutes worth of fly also picked up these little bags on eBay. Because it protects the battery unfortunately with the fly mode package the batteries did just come like this. So I’ve been able to transport them, and protect them at the same time these are the perfect bag.

So the very last camera that we own is actually a 360 camera. So we have the Samsung gear 360 this is the older model they have brought out a newer version. But I felt like I don’t need to operate just yet if you guys weren’t interested in doing some 360 footage I find that this camera is perfect, I’m sure the newer model is even better however the drawback with the version one is that you have to have a samsung galaxy phone I think with the latest version you can connect it to your iPhone now as well as some of the newer Samsung Galaxy phones if you weren’t thinking of doing 360 footers I do recommend it. Because it just adds a fun interactive way to your posts also be a star to pick up a lot, and I can see it being used in tourism in the future. So if you’re needing a tripod for travel postging I highly recommend the gorilla pod the reason why I actually use it for time-lapse as you can see you can make a nice little tripod I also love it. Because you can connect this two trees bridges just about everything you have to then you can see it you just twist Sanders connects onto everything. So if you’re trying to get a time-lapse, and of course when you’re traveling there can be some crowds, and you just found a perfect spot.

But it’s another flat smooth location this is perfect for that now the final piece of gear, I’m going to talk about, and one of the most important pieces of gear next to your camera is the laptop that you edit on now think a lot of you’re probably going to end the post here is you think, I’m gonna say a MacBook Pro actually not in 2018, and 2018 I feel like you need to switch to a PC setup now the reason I think that is last year Apple updated their MacBook Pro which is the powerhouse in their laptop range I just felt like they’re all about trying to make it as thin as possible they’ve removed a lot of the ports which is both inconvenient unless it takes up more space in your bag. Because you need to used on walls. But the other reason is. Because it’s so much thinner they’ve removed a lot of the power which make these the prime laptop to editing back in the day. So what I’ve actually recently done is a left Apple, and switch to a PC setup now when you purchase a laptop I just feel like you should buy one, and it should last for at least three to four years, and still be up with the times my old MacBook was amazing until I started editing in 4k since I’ve switched to 4k I just feel like the mac books aren’t powerful enough. So I’ve created my laptop recently, and what I’ve done is I’ve moved to the gigabyte era 15 the reason I did this was for multiple reasons the first one in the major one is actually priced this is always half the price of the fully maxed out MacBook Pro 15 inch the second reason is weight. Because, I’m using this for travel postgraphy I need to keep everything as low as possible, and even though this is slightly heavier than the MacBook Pro 15 inch I still get all the features that I want it’s a bit of a small trade-off.

But I still bet all my court. But most importantly the guts inside of this is way more powerful than the MacBook Pro. So some of the main features you need to look for when buying a brand-new laptop for post editing is one the graphics card this is packin a GTX 1060 which is one of the top end graphics cards on the market at the moment for laptops on top of that this is an i7 processor as well as 32 gigabytes of RAM which is crucial for post editing I use Adobe Premiere Pro for post editing, and it is ideal to have a lot of RAM in your laptop to make it a smoother process back in the day when I was editing on my macbook pro it used to take me several hours to get through 4k drone footage on the gigabyte arrow 15 it takes me like 15 minutes, and also rendering time is cut down a lot which is fantastic. Because a lot of time an editing late at night, and the last thing I want to do is wait an hour for my post to export know it takes half that time if you guys were interested me going through how I add my posts on the laptop leave a comment below. So I know to do that in the next post, and everything that I have mentioned, I’ll put into the description. So you can go check it out. But I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if you were interested in this series continue you need to let me know.

So I can tell you everything about travel postging. But thanks so much.

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