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Zenger’s papers, you will, nay pardon me Best states to travel in USA for the expression, you ought, to say so because you do not know whether others I Best states to travel in USA mean the Court may be of that opinion. It is your right to do so, and there is much depending upon your resolution as well as upon your integrity. The loss of liberty, to a generous mind, is worse than death. And yet we know that there have been those in all ages who for the sake of preferment, or some imaginary honor, have freely lent a helping hand to oppress, nay to destroy, their country. This brings to my mind that saying of the immortal Marcus Brutus when he looked upon the creatures of Caesar, who were very great men but by no means good men. You Romans, said Brutus, if yet I may call you so, consider what you are doing.

When the smoke settled, the house was saved but just about everything else was destroyed. The Campbell’s were devastated and never fully recovered from this terrible loss.

How the fire began remains a mystery. Some speculated Mary’s brother, William, might have been the incendiary. His actions were sometimes unpredictable and erratic. Even an uncle was a suspect.

However, something happened just days before the mysterious blaze which might also explain its cause. Henry Ford had visited the farm in search of antique equipment for his new venture, The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. He found an old reaper in the Campbell’s barn and made plans to have it picked up for his collection. Unfortunately the reaper was destroyed in the fire.

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