Best Travel Destinations By Month

Best Travel Destinations By Month

So, I say to you, shake off whatever shackles that bind you! Free yourself and travel; and, do so like you are told by your family doctor to eat or drink water. Often! In so doing, you will find your true self!

Even at that very early age, I realised that I had to venture beyond my nest – away from my own neck of the woods; that, I needed to do so, to start preparing myself to, one day, travel to far, strange but interesting places.

It made great sense to me; but, with my family being poor and without any real means of transportation, I had to find a way to travel to those other small villages that dotted my little island home.

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How did I do it? Through school and family shopping trips, visits and Church picnics; by running errands; and, doing occasional trekking to the more nearby villages.

In actuality, it was a case of me always being very anxious and willing to go on the periodic school and church outings. It was no dice, however, if I could not produce the mandatory shilling! So, picture how convincing I had to be to get that big amount of money from my parents who never failed to say they could not afford to send me; or, to spare the money.

Often enough, my beloved, benevolent loving grandmother would be my saviour. She knew the value of exposure through travel; of having a good education; and, consequently, was always motivating and supporting us young ones.

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