Best Travel Destinations In March

Best Travel Destinations In March

Proverb: “The best advice is found on a pillow!” So, it’s fine to just lie there; and, give it some serious thought; or, discuss it with your spouse, partner or playmate.

Or, you can do it at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table; or, while jogging; or, sitting on a park bench or in a restaurant; while driving or standing waiting for a bus or train; even while waiting in the reception area of your family doctor’s office, the post office or any other office!

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The important thing is to do it. Anywhere! Anytime! Sooner than later; but, later is still better than never.

Ask yourself if you are getting the most out of your life. Know this, if you are not a snorkeler or scuba diver, you are already down one third of life’s total experiences; for, a wonderful underwater world exists for all of us to explore and enjoy.

For sure, most of us will, inevitably, miss out on experiencing space, the second wonderful sector of God’s great creation. Even the simple flying by commercial airline can be a great event for some of us; but, most of us will never enjoy the feeling of flying by private luxury jet, travelling by private luxury megayacht or rocketing into space.

So, while most of us can as well go ahead and write off ever doing space or any reasonable viewing of the amazing undersea world, we should at least make the absolute most of land. We certainly won’t do so by not travelling; or, by just doing a relatively tiny or irregular bit.

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