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Oh Hey guys today I am here with my friend Neil, and we’ve come to loot all mantras review I Kings number one hi monster is it the biggest belt in here yes nice let’s go I woke up today, and my eyes are all swollen in my face I think it’s. Because of the humidity you have taken me through her favorite street food place it looks delicious we are going to have our breakfast, and then start our hike walking a little ways up the mountain it is so hot it’s just unbelievably hot, and humid feel like, I’m walking through soup do you hear that that’s bug just hold out we’re going up the tiniest narrow issue obviously is so pretty we’re going to walk alongside the river sitting by the river now with our feet in the cold water.

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Because it is unbearably hot I think that this is one of the hottest places that I have ever been even like Mexico Dubai this is so so beautiful here the water is crystal clear, and pure, and the air is a lot fresher than in the actual city, and everything is just. So green, and there’s butterflies, and birds everywhere, and a little town that we were in before as well which is the same name as the mountain it’s really nice too. Because this ship seems like a quieter lifestyle there see all these people recognising friends, and going to sit with them people playing cards outside, and yeah I really like it here what do you say Mew going back down to the town now we didn’t go all the way up the mountain. Because it is insanely hot you’ve probably heard that already. But you just don’t even know how hot, and humid it is actually making me feel sick we are now going to search for a coffee shop or tea shops with AC yeah what’s the plan now Joseph ray yeah we ran survived, and then we won’t fall goal display to the big rock okay let’s go hi dog Oh what come here duck oh my god wow you, and I have rented some bike, and we are going exploring beyond the town where are we now just outside the town we’re this way is go to another park name is in who Gandhian Jin Lupron Kangoo Hong Kong, and jong-un yeah right yes yeah we stopped our bikes underneath some trees, and beautiful phew go away Oh Oh I was just thinking that it might not have been a good idea to post kind of fell. But, I’m okay continuing on biking along with great views of the park it’s really green, and beautiful.

But I don’t think people should be out in this weather it’s like the type of heat, and the amenity combined that just makes you sick feeling, I’m actually surprised at how okay my camera is after falling it fell really hard on the concrete, and bounced I thought that it was the end of it. But it’s fine you is gonna post hahaha I want to see how that post I think I get haha hope it works I really love this area there’s the screen field, and a little bit of water running through, and then all of these buildings on the other side really epic bike ride that we’re having here how Mew is showing me around the town hi guys I leave here 6-year I like here here is so nice nice air, and people also very kind yeah I noticed that we were walking with like a lot of people were walking on the street, and then they just recognize each other like their friends like Ally. So like that wouldn’t really happen too often in the city oh it’s good they didn’t fall him they’re huge it made me tomato old man here oh he’s so adorable guess what, and I got again the same things you showed me this morning. So good you, and I are heading back to Schengen after a lovely day exploring retired yeah Ali, I’m so tired I feel, I’m very dirty I want to take a shower thanks for showing me you’re welcome mr. Hughes. But that I went with knew I’d have no idea what that says unfortunately hey guys hope that you liked my post today I had a lot of fun going there, and making it lately the humidity here in Shenzhen has been affecting me a lot.

So I think I talked earlier in the post about how the humidity you made my face slop maybe you can notice that right now my eye is still swollen up a on my face was blown up from the humidity it was pretty uncomfortable my hands were really swollen up today it’s just my I normally have a cold person, and not affected by the heat that much. But that day was just absolutely insane it was a hundred, and two degrees outside with about 90% humidity. So it’s actually really dangerous, and throughout the day my ears would be ringing, I’ll be getting dizzy spells my vision would be flickering on, and off like black after I got home I plan to edit the post, and just kind of be up all night editing. So that I could have my Wednesday post ready. Because I went on a Tuesday. But I was instead up all night throwing up I had a heat stroke. So I think, I’m always going to remember that as the hottest day of my life, and another thing that I was noticing in the post, and eye makeup is looking.

So bad all I can do really is laugh about it. Because, I’m not, I’m not into makeup to be honest really bad at it I just I don’t really care enough to learn how to do it super well, and hard for me to find a makeup that matches my skin tone here. So um having some troubles with that basically we’re gonna do is just taking mom’s lip liner, and just slide oh my gosh I love thee, I’ll just not look good though the posts that I just have playing in the background of that little skit there that post is actually by my sister Blaire, and she has her own blog if you girls want to go, and check it out she has like all this makeup stuff on there you can go, and check out her blog I have it in the description I will see you in the next post thanks for reading bye.

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