Bondi Beach Australia get a look at this I have been wanting to come to this beach since I was 10 years old before the Sun is up there’s nobody here this place gives me light good I might from Down Under look at this a son is now up at Bondi Beach, and we’re under go where do you wanna go now that is the world famous icebergs pool. But right now it’s broken and. Because of the past week of heavy surf, and that’s the main reason we came down here is to jump for a quick swim in the icebergs pull we heard that one we’re gonna pour in by itself Australia okay it’s about to be Lovejoy you know what we are at the lamb rock cafe right on Bondi Beach we were talking to the owner, and I said this in yesterday’s post. But I want to move to Sydney maybe for a month two months. But this is Jess if you’re reading this this is very much.


So it almost reminds me of southern New Jersey where I grew up just how I think everyone in Australia would be offended if they offended you wait you say that. But the very years Christie here get high here man the very southern part of New Jersey where, I’m from is pretty much like this – the cockatoos, and the 15-foot surf it’s very close to this take a little look around I talk about this a lot when I travel, and the main reason why I love traveling is you just see all these different pieces of life you’re moving about, and you pop into someone else’s world you know at this cafe or at the beach surfing, and it’s just glimpses of other lives, and you can learn from that you can you can grow from that, and I think that’s why I love travel I mean it’s kind of a shame you come all the way down to Australia to swim in the ocean icebergs pool, and it’s broken it’s looks beautiful though man today is just not our day keep out danger no entry oh it’s from the storms Craig come back we’re gonna have to go this is the coastal walk normally, and you go all the way around here. But if you look right there you can see right there where it’s all collapse from the storm yes there go they’re getting more 360 footage more people walking by wondering what the hell we’re doing on the other side of the fence I’ve never seen anything like this tell me about being that close to the edge how do you feel oh I can’t see what you can see I can okay this is sturdy. But if you are ever in Sydney in the winter time I actually think winter you know people are saying winter isn’t the best time to come. Because it’s a little cool. But there is no one here if you don’t like crowds come to Sydney Bondi Beach in the wintertime right now Eric is not a stupid guy. But he does have as a craving of danger well the thing is you see all these cliffs, and you want a cliff jump have you ever been cliff jumping no I watched it there’s a GoPro blog on the airplane I was reading it on over here well if we have time this summer we should go to Maine cliff jump right now we are at Mackenzie’s Bay I haven’t seen surf like this for me this would be East Coast hurricane season surf there’s a few surfers I was talking to a photographer over there, and apparently the waters pretty warm it’s like 72 we’re gonna plop the 360 camera down right here.

So it’s going to be at the ocean level. So you can see how big the surface, and you’re okay with a tripod getting wet put it a little bit in the water it’s gonna wash boys oh man you think it will yeah don’t let wash away oh my goodness yeah go get on dinner we’re walking along the coast for maybe about two hours now, and for us this is fascinating. Because, I’m from southern New Jersey we don’t have rocks like this I mean look right now we were in a cave we started here at Bondi, and we walked all the way to Bronte Beach Hanako failure this isn’t even the same thing no no it could be though here we go we are over to four swimming in ocean pools in Australia we walk from bondi to bronte beach in the pool at Bronte is closed we didn’t come all the way down to Australia to not jump in the ocean pool we’re going in well, I’m walking this is my Yoda rugby training this morning, and we thought I got to do something we’re gonna get out get in the water we’re jumping in now – where we going – Guji Guji beach do it without me three times you go outside that you’d love to leave even one time I guess I thought about just trying to enjoy what you just posted it whatever the hell you wanted my loss pretty good huh the whole point of this coastal walk was to find a pool that was right on the ocean like icebergs. But all those were closed. So now we finally found one I don’t know if it’s open though even if it’s not we’re still gonna jump in let’s do it you should totally give a shout out there you should sort of log man this is your shoutout this is my shadow it what’s your Instagram, I’ll put the Instagram he’s max Monroe one-word quality there you go max Monroe keep it real hell I see Italian TRW blue you check these guys out no. But really thank you for the ride, and showing us around is a Lachlan nice to meet you good luck in your travels with strategy one nice guys you ready for this this is the rock pool, and kuchi when we first got here we were like why is there life guard here if you don’t know how to swim you cannot go in this pool physically it cannot go in this pool like look at this when the wave sucks back out you can go right over those chains down to the ocean evening this is 100% a local spot, and Coogi do not come here if you can’t swim Australians do not mess around when it comes to the ocean this is if you want to do open water training for any kind of swimming race this is this is as intense as I get something called swim is done we’re at the Coogee Pavilion fish, and chips time very good you like them yeah great that’s good stuff we have spent the whole day down here by bondi. So we’re gonna jump in an uber my gentlemen hi Holly well how are you how while is that.

So there’s this bar right in front of our hotel we heard this you know when you hear a large crowd, and there’s music, and there’s a huge bar with a fountain right by where we’re standing, I’m kidding. But no we’re just walking around downtown Sydney it’s a lot later now we got back to our hotel rooms, and kind of just crashed, and we’re actually really really trying to fight the jetlag right now it’s 8 o’clock, and it feels like 2:00 in the morning for us we tried our best oh. Because tomorrow night were planning to actually go out like go out go out clubbing in Sydney the two of us going clubbing I had to say the coolest thing about Sydney is we went from a search point user look at this guy he’s got he’s got it he was stuck for a little bit they’re like the scene of awesome powers in the car is stuck in the hall the golf car he’s rented your u-turn it’s cool that we went to the beach we experienced that life, and then you know five miles away we’re back in the middle of Sydney if you listen you can actually hear as we get closer to the hotel how many people were at them that’s so convenient to have a huge outdoor bar like that maybe 15 feet from our hotel like the bar is right here right there, and our hotel is right here it’s that time the bed time we’re going to bed early tonight another early morning tomorrow, and then a late night tomorrow night yeah I need 30 teeth are guys that it Oh Greg today not a normal day. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worried less, and live your passion.

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