South Africa

Hello guys.

And welcome to South Africa. So right now. I’m in South Africa with volunteer southern Africa.

And. I’m doing a project called living with big cats. So.

I’m going to be here for a week volunteering. And basically. I’m gonna show, you guys all the fun things that we get up to.

South Africa Photo Gallery

And I’ll be we’re not. So fun things that need to be done here on the farm that we’re staying at he started it is currently 7:30 in the morning. And the first day we are going to do here on our volunteer project is we’re cleaning poop you’re cleaning horse poo fantastic we’re cleaning horse poo because these horses they like to poo.

And someone needs to clean it. And that’s us right now we are cleaning out we’re doing a bit of cage cleaning, this is the leopard enclosure. So we’re just like cleaning up the waterhole picking up bones from this lunch.

So right now we are waiting for the lines to get bed right yes we are the over Christmas they’re a little bit frisky this morning. So they’re just waiting for their food keeping keeping notice, it’s just have to be careful make sure they don’t go behind us because lions attack from the back yeah, you have to be very careful, you don’t like ever yeah turn your back on them or yeah make them go behind you. So how old do these one good over six.

And a half months now lime cows are going for swim hey guys excited really excited really excited guys good job they’re smelling everything processing it trying to figure out for themselves if they want to whole. And one of these about the third or fourth time in here they’re now realize half okay let’s swim hi guys this morning we’re going to take module one of our bigger lands just for a little drive around. And make your a pretty mini training camp or training you’re basically recording this coffee shop it was it good again really just had a copy within volunteers, it’s a little bit of simulation we do with these labs just to to keep our relationship up with him.

And just for them to have a bit of fun. So let’s see how it goes what he has been with us from a very tiny cub. And he will stay with us forever.

And he’s a very special man. And you’ll see why. So a group of drafts have just wandered through the farm.

So everyone’s kind of shopping photos just a random drop school school guys still worried about it now all three of these circles were actually rescued from another place where they were kept. And they were in a tiny tiny enclosure about the size of that little cage over there now though they are super happy because they get all the states right now. And rights it is they are an amazing cat.

So cool why do, you separate them if they’re next to each other and. I eating those stress out of one finishes like oh it is faster cancer gotcha hey guys thanks so much for reading my post.

I hope, you enjoyed it don’t forget to hit the comment button for more travel posts from me and. I will see, you again in a few days time with a new post bye. ?

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