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The climate can scarcely be more monotonous hot, humid and daily rains with more rain during the rainy season, January to June. The temperature difference from hot to cool months is only about three degrees.

Why visit the Amazon? Some like the climate as it is. Bird watchers are delighted. There are birds that moan, others screech, some break into fits of laughter (humor unknown). Of course there is another reason: how many people can tell about their trip on a two-decker boat and the opulent opera house in Manaus with its forty thousand blue, green, and gold ceramic tiles imported from Alsace? In the Amazon forest, trees reach three-hundred-foot heights. In an area about four square miles there can be as many as seven hundred fifty different kinds of trees, four hundred kinds of birds and one hundred twenty-five species of mammals.

The soil, however, is not rich. Less than 10 percent is good for agriculture and even tree farming has yet to prove profitable.

It rests now to make some application of this discourse, Brazil Map Tourist Attractions by the present designe, which gave the occasion of writing of it. Herein are 4 things Brazil Map Tourist Attractions to be propounded; first the persons, 2ly the worke, 3ly the end, 4thly the meanes. 1. For the persons. Wee are a company professing ourselves fellow members of Christ, in which respect onely though wee were absent from each other many miles, and had our imployments as farre distant, yet wee ought to account ourselves knitt together by this bond of love, and, live in the exercise of it, if wee would have comforte of our being in Christ. This was notorious in the practise of the Christians in former times; as is testified of the Waldenses, from the mouth of one of the adversaries Aeneas Sylvius mutuo ament pere antequam norunt, they use to love any of theire owne religion even before they were acquainted with them. 2nly, for the worke wee have in hand. It is by a mutuall consent, through a speciall overvaluing providence and a more than an ordinary approbation of the Churches of Christ, to seeke out a place of cohabitation and Consorteshipp under a due forme of Government both civill and ecclesiasticall.

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