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HITCH-HIKING. “Thumbing❠rides is forbidden on the freeways (motorways), but you might try your luck at the service stations. Although you’ll find people rather wary of hitch-hikers, Americans are often delighted to meet foreigners.

HOTELS and ACCOMMODATION. Although prices in New York hotels are not subject to control, they are comparable within similar categories of establishments. Prices are posted in each room, but don’t include the 8 per cent tax. Certain hotels are open to women only. Hotels that cater essentially to businessmen often offer special weekend rates. There is T.V. in every room and (almost without exception) air-conditioning. Very few hotels have their own garages.

The New York Convention and Visitors Bureau (see Tourist Information Offices) can give you an up-to-date list of hotels. You should book your hotel in advance when possibles the city can be very crowded at convention and holiday periods. If you are travelling on a package tour, you’ll get bargain rates at modest but centrally located hotels.
Children under 12 can sleep in the room with you at no extra charge. You fill out a registration form upon arrival and, if you like, pay in H advance. This permits you to leave without having to check out. A daily occupancy tax is added to the bill.

Some approximate rates for a double room per night:

Lower-priced hotels $32- 55

Medium-priced hotels 55- 76

Higher-priced hotels 76-110

Meals are not included in hotel room prices in New York. Hotels with swimming pools are in the medium-priced category.

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