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Shooting important movies like “Cold Mountain” in Romania has drawn the attention towards the possibilities offered by the local film industry. Recently, Francis Ford Coppola has picked Romania not just as a place, but also as a source of inspiration for his film “Youth without Youth”, which brings on the big screen one of the short-stories of Mircea Eliade, writer and historian of religions, an important figure of Romanian modernity.

The fact that in Romania you can find spectacular and natural places, as well as urban spaces which preserve the atmosphere of various historical periods asserted Romania as a destination for film producers from all over the world. In the last years, Hollywood blockbusters, as well as big-budget films, coming from the effervescent Indian film industry, were shot here.

Even if it’s the custom difference between the Romanian traditional provinces (Moldavia, Transylvania and Walachia) or the influences constantly integrated in the daily life of Romanian people, the Romanian cultural identity asserts itself as a manifestation of diversity which came through the ages to be discovered today in an European formula.

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The palace of the Parliament Bucharest, capital city of Romania The city situated on the banks of Dambovita River has an important basis of accommodations, being possible to find here branches of the most representative hotel chains in the world. The extremely active cultural life is completed by the entertainment possibilities represented by a large number of parks, gardens, recreation and entertainment centers, clubs, discos and open-air restaurants.

The settlement was first mentioned in 1459 and, ever since, the town went through a series of continuous changes, representing the central scene of Romania’s political, artistic, university, financial and cultural life. Between the two world wars, due to the elegant architecture and to the elite livinf in Bucharest, the city was nicknamed “Little Paris”.

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