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The Chilia Channel in the Danube Delta The Danube and the Danube Delta

The territory between the three river branches of the Danube, Chilia, Sulina and Sfantul Gheorghe, is unique in the whole world from a touristic point of view. The wilderness and uniqueness of these places leave the impression of a paradise where the tourist can lose contact with the outer world.

On Romanian territory, the Danube crosses 1,075 km, marking the country’s Southern border. The Danube’s flow can be subdivided into 4 sectors thus: from Bazias to the Iron Gate, from the Iron Gate to Calarasi, from Calarasi to Braila and downstream, from Braila to its river mouth at the Black Sea.

The Bazias – Iron Gate sector is also called the Danube’s Narrow Path, because on a 144 km distance the river goes through a very narrow valley, which imposes a very high water speed. The narrow area in the Almaj Mountain bears the name the Danube Boilers, the impetuous sector on whose banks you can find a sub-Mediterranean vegetation (even though this is a region marked by the influence of continental climate) and where mysterious forms of Karstic relief have appeared.

However, the most interesting sector of the Danube River remains the last one, where the river divides itself into three branches and where it forms the Danube Delta, before flowing into the Black Sea.

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