Ciudad del Este Map

Departamento Central Ita The town of Ita is known for its ceramic production, a tradition that dates back to the colonial era when members of the Franciscan mission... Read more

Sapucai Map Paraguay

Sapucai is intrinsically linked to the history of the steam train – one of the first in Latin America. The name “sapucai’ means “shout” in Guarani, a reference... Read more

Holiday in Ciudad del Este

Villa Florida Located on the white sandy banks of the Tebicuary River, Villa Florida is the gateway to Paraguay’s Misiones department and a popular summertime destination. Paraguayans flock... Read more

Carapegua Map Paraguay

Carapegua is the center for Paraguay’s utilitarian textile industry. Artisans in neighborhoods and villages surrounding Carapegua dedicate themselves to weaving brightly colored cotton blankets, hammocks, and tablecloths, often... Read more