Chaitén After Volcano Eruption Hitchhiking the Carretera Austral in Chile

The Carretera Austral in rural Patagonia known as one of the most scenic roads for adventure seekers in South America After going on a rafting expedition in the previous post I visit Chaitén in this post and I will finish my hitchhiking adventure in Puerto Montt So. sunshine on my last day here in Futaleufu and now I move on to Chaitén a city which was totally destroyed in by a volcano It’s about km from here. Maybe the chances are high to get a ride! so i thought but after approximately two hours of waiting and several tries to get a ride I finally found a bus to take me down to the city of Chaitén which is not a big city anymore because it is almost completely destroyed. I wanted to find out more about this. Chaitén was once the capital of the region until In May the nearby Chaiten volcano erupted for the first time in more than, years and destroyed the whole city. But Chaiten was not destroyed by the lava as you might think it was more the ash and the mud which came down and made the river overflow. so Chaiten was completely destroyed by a big flood. but luckily there were no people killed because the government evacuated the city a few days before everything happened.

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If you walk around Chaiten today almost five years later it still feels like walking around a ghost town because most of the buildings are still abondaned Chaiten is hopefully my last stop before Puerto Montt. as you see it’s raining I am looking like a Gore-Tex-Soldier and I wait for a ride for the last stretch but I guess I have to wait at least two hours because the only boat which runs today is at h and at the moment it’s The distance is about an hour. so. yeah. I guess I have to wait a bit and I hope it will not rain that much. rides later I arrived in the middle of the nature. no cars around. I guess I have to wait an hour or something more to get a ride. or I’m lucky like with the guy before who just works here on the road. maybe there is another guy who works here. or in the next village. but he said in the next village there are just people. Otherwise I just walk! and so I started hiking and enjoyed the scenery here in the National Park called Pumalin. After about an hour I finally found somebody to take me to Caleta Gonzalo. where I needed to find the next lift to Puerto Montt. I found a lift. which is this bus over there.

It’s about only, CLP to get to Puerto Montt today by h! I guess this was the hitchhiking and. the last part will be spent on the boats. So. this is one of the reasons why I did also the northern part of the Carretera Austral because you have a lot of ferry crossings and this one is the longest with about four hours and you just drive through amazing landscapes. through the fjords just below Puerto Montt. I mean the weather is maybe not that perfect but still it is very stunning to be here! Puerto Montt the start of the Carretera Austral I made it here yesterday in the night and with that finished the road ! A hitchhiking hiking adventure on the road of my rides have been lifts, buses and boats. In the next post I will show you Puerto Varas because it is much more beautiful than this city! follow me on twitter, Instagram and of course check out the other post here from the Carretera Austral! If you also want to travel to South America make sure to check out my travel guides with the links provided in the info box below!

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