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Province: Jiangxi. Area:, miles Population: 364,000 Jiujiang lies at 115°58’E and 29°47’N, in the north of Jiangxi Province. The city is 135km/84 miles from the provincial capital, Nanchang, which can be reached by rail (3 hours) or bus. There are two airports. Ships also travel to Jiujiang from Wuhan, Chongqing, Nanjing and Shanghai.

The city, which in antiquity went under the names Xunyang, Chaisang and Jiangzhou, can definitely claim to be over 2000 years old, as a prefecture was established here during the period of Qin rule (221-206 b.c.). Overthe centuries the town became a major trading centre in tea and porcelain. Many artists came to Jiujiang and left behind an enormous number of paintings, sculptures, inscriptions and drawings on stone. In 1862 the city was forced to open its doors to foreign trade. Since 1949 light industry has played an important role in the economic life ofthe city.

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