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Located in southwestern Karnataka on the slopes of Weston carts Korg odigo da goo is one of the most picturesque hill station popular for its coffee plantations lush green forests, and waterfalls the climate in cool is very pleasant throughout the year during rainy season the fog mist, and drizzle further enhance emerald color of the rich vegetation transforming the entire town into a lush green paradise, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from soaking in the exotic beauty this post is about a memorable stay at the Old Kent estates situated on a hilltop with beautiful landscapes the Old Kent estates in Cork is approximately 260 kilometers from a house in Bangalore, and the location can be easily traced on the GPS we started early at 6:00 a.m. and took the NH 75 route since monsoon is already at its peak in Karnataka every inch of the road was wet, and every bit of Earth was Green in 5 hours we entered the tranquil zone of the Old Kent estates nestled in a lush, and thriving coffee estate spread across 200 acres the property is surrounded by forested hills, and gushing streams of water we parked our car, and entered the lodge where the courteous staff welcomed us with a glass of fresh juice the manager Aziz gave us an insight into the history of the property the Old Kent Estates takes one back to the period of the old colonial era it was developed in the 1800’s by some pretty sure named to write, and is currently owned by mr.

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nojima Dean Shattuck the lodge is an example of British architecture which has been carefully restored keeping in mind its history, and heritage the veranda of the lodge overlooks a large garden, and acres of plantation offering a breathtaking 180-degree view of the surrounding mountains, and valleys covered with clouds the amazing colonial architecture of the lodge has eaten every corner, and walls adorned with pieces reflecting the old-world charm rustic yet classy the Lord is equipped with all the necessities of present-day luxury it has a reception area a dining room a home theater a library a games area, and a kitchen each named fondly after the members of the right family who once inhabited the lodge as their home after completing the check-in formalities we were escorted to our cottage which was at a nice secluded place not very far from the lodge the property has total 8 cottages for the guests each of them facing the surrounding mountains, and valley the cottage has a small porch at the entrance with two chairs, and a beautiful private garden with outdoor seating the door opened to a cozy suit with a sitting arrangement on the left, and a huge glass panel on the right offering the view of the mini private garden that was huge, and boasted of a high-quality naturist, and cushions linen sheets were beautiful clean, and aesthetic.

Because it also has a chair in a disc with a couple of books for those who wish to read or write it is also equipped with an El Mira a coffee maker air conditioner a television ceiling fans, and beautiful soft lighting interiors of the room complemented the charm of the ambience however the main attraction of the room was the spacious bathroom with a sky roof allowing natural light filtering on you while you enjoy the shower the huge bathroom is seamlessly divided into four sections it has a wash basin with a mirror installed at the front a huge high-quality bathtub a tile drying stand, and a shower next to it it also has a huge indoor plant that gives the tropical vibes making the ambience cool, and relaxing there is a separate basket to throw soit’s in, and a small cabinet installed on the wall that’s equipped with all the contemporary toiletries the cottage has been designed for ultimate luxury, and comfort it gives plenty of privacy, and one can enjoy moments of tranquility through the day from the room itself after having unpacked we freshened up, and headed towards the dining area for lunch we chose to dine at the veranda.

So that we can have the view of the greenery around, and ordered Indian cuisine I must have to admit the quality of food was deliciously awesome we had ordered aloo paratha palak paneer aloo Gobi, and jeera rice, and everything was finger-licking delicious after lunch we wandered around the property for a while, and took a short nap in the evening the management had arranged for a walk inside the coffee estate Sohail took us around this state, and provided valuable insights about the plantations, and showed us the different coffee varieties namely Arabica, and robusta distinguishable by the size of their leaves, and flowers the walk was very refreshing, and the only sound they could hear was a chirping of birds around, and leaves rustling that made the estate. So alive after half an hour walk we returned to the lodge, and settled down to a cup of hot fresh coffee made from homegrown beans which we relished on the veranda reading the mild drizzle it turned dark soon, and at 7:30 p.m. manager Aziz arranged a coffee cupping session, and explained how it’s done it is one of the coffee tasting techniques used by couples to evaluate coffee aroma, and the flavor profile of a coffee the way coffee falls down from the sink of the machine will give you an idea of how the coffee will be if you see this white layer on top that is called chroma you have chroma on top of the coffee then you have brewed it right we had a night to chat with him over a cup of warm coffee he also gifted us a packet of coffee that’s one of the purest flavor at 8:30 p.m. the order our dinner once again the food served was.

So deliciously awesome that we didn’t want to stop eating. But we had to post-dinner we watched a movie at the home theater the interiors of which were very well done following which the color of the lights we woke up to the melodious chirping of birds, and colourful butterflies fluttering in the garden we freshened up, and enjoyed a cup of hot tea following which we headed towards the plantation tour once again. But this time on a different trail it had rained the previous night, and was drizzling in the morning. So we carried umbrella the resort provides umbrellas jackets, and cam boots for men women, and kids.

So ill once again took us for a walk around the estate he took us to a coffee nursery owned by the resort, and showed us the various stages of coffee cultivation on a return back to the lodge it had already started raining heavily which we enjoyed while having some terse breakfast at the veranda it was serene peaceful, and very relaxing though they would have loved to spend more time reading the rains listening to the sounds of insects, and birds sadly our trip had come to an end with a memorable experience in our heart, and my heart will go on we check out from the resort at 11 a.m. and made our way back to Bangalore the great things about this place are the location offering experience of a luxury stay in the plantations amazing architecture full of warmth, and charm wrong, and friendly staff who would go all their way to make you feel special delicious food to die for prepared by experienced chefs get pampered with Old Kent hospitality while enjoying the moments of tranquility the Old Kent estates in Cork is a place where nature meets luxury you you.

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