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Seeking for a pleasant getaway in the last week of May 2018 Camille, and I decided to visit the very beautiful, and serene gorg in this post, I’m going to share our not. So great experience at Tata plantation trails where we stayed for two days keep reading owned, and managed by Tata Coffee limited the plantation trails in Googe is 230 kilometers away from Bangalore we decided to drive our own car, and left early at 6:30 a.m. on the 28th of May 2018, and took the meizu route since pre-monsoon showers, and thunderstorm activity has already begun in most parts of Karnataka the weather was pleasant, and was green all around in five hours riverbank mist lush green Tata coffee plantation estate spread across 1500 acre plantation trails is starter coffees Hospitality brand offering heritage bungalows scattered over the highlands of cork they offer eight different types of accommodation, and each bungalow has an old-world charm to it the reach Tata plantation trails reception area at around 12 noon from very made our way to the Thani hula cottage which was just around five minutes drive from the main office the Tanner EULA cottage is a 25 year old bungalow located in the midst of coffee.

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And green pepper plantations very scenic, and peaceful location you the taniwha cottage comes with a small porch that overlooks a mini garden, and lush greenery of the plantation, and has three rooms with attached baths it also has a living room a dining area, and a small kitchen the interiors are very basic we were soon as courted to one of the rooms which was kind of disappointing we never expected such an unkempt room considering the amount we paid for the stay, and the kind of experience we had on a previous resorts tales we understand that these are heritage bungalows. But that doesn’t mean they cannot be clean the floor looked very shabby, and the rugs seemed to have never been changed the bed was uncomfortable, and the mattresses were poor quality I don’t know what to say I mean you guys can see the room yourself Oh we were not expecting luxury. But at least a decent room with clean interiors apart from the bed the room has a side table aside lamp, and Elmira, and a dresser none of them appealing the bathroom again was very very basic.

But was clean thank God. So we quickly freshened up had a cup of coffee in the room, and then made our way to the dining area for lunch we had ordered continental food for lunch, and was shocked with the quality of food offered to us the food was being heated in the microwave, and you could hear the sound from the kitchen which was attached to the dining area on enquiring we came to know the food was heated in a microwave. Because they had to get it from another bungalow the food was not at all delicious it didn’t even seem fresh we are not finicky when it comes to food. But seriously this one was just not acceptable we just couldn’t eat it, and returned to our room they seemed to be serving microwave heated stale food disappointed with experience.

So far we took a walk around the property which was again limited to the bungalow limits due to the stories of wild boar, and elephants around the evening at 4:30 p.m. the management had arranged a 30 minutes cheap ride for a coffee plantation tour which was refreshing, and beautiful the guide gave us some interesting information about coffee plantation wanna return to the cottage dark clouds had gathered, and it was drizzling the weather was extremely pleasant which we enjoyed with snacks, and tea while sitting in the porch at 6:30 p.m. we went for a walk at the Golf Course which is just opposite to the main office, and spend some quality time wandering around, and returned to the cottage at 7:30 p.m. dinner was served at 8:30 p.m. and experience was no different it was same stale food that was heated in a microwave, and served we woke up at 7 a.m. and headed towards that anula bungalow which was just hundred meters walk from our cottage for breakfast which was supposed to be served in buffet style. But what we discovered was beyond expectation it was in buffet the food was not warm the variety was limited, and the quality was bad post-breakfast we decided to visit tata tea plantations site which was 30 kilometers from the cottage we were staying at the plantation tool was relaxing, and rejuvenating we walked around the estate.

And enjoyed the picture-perfect surroundings, and returned after 2 hours Oh Oh lunch was served at 2:00 p.m. which I don’t wish to describe anymore in the evening the naturalist took us to the golf course for bird-reading they were just three to four varieties of birds we could spot it’s definitely not an ideal place for bird-reading. But good for a relaxed evening stroll we returned after an hour had snacks, and tea followed by dinner at 8:30 p.m. after which we called off the lights we woke up at 7:30 a.m. freshened up had breakfast, and then checked out from the resort, and made our way back to Bangalore do not go by the name of data, and expect best hospitality you dooms food, and service the location of Tata properties is scenic. But that alone is not enough for a fulfilling holiday which you can anyway get at any other resort, and cook then by Tata trails bad food, and shabby rooms are just not acceptable you cannot even walk outside the bungalow due to the story of wild boar, and elephants around. So what’s the point if you are looking for a pleasant getaway at Cork, and want to enjoy the scenic beauty while indulging in some fun, and rejuvenating activities without compromising on food we at India Gumo will highly recommend the d’bari elephant camp our chugger lodges, and resorts property in cork instead of tata plantation trails the jungle lodges team takes care of everything, and you will never be disappointed on any front hope you found this review useful rate this post with a thumbs up leave us a comment down below, and do comment the blog for more travel reviews thanks for reading you.

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