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Visitors can check out all of the museums in Uptown without spending a bundle, thanks to the Uptown Museum Pass. In 2008, Levine Museum of the New South, Discovery Place, and the Mint Museum of Craft + Design introduced the pass to offer a discount on admission to the museums. The pass is $18 adults, $12 children 15 and under. It’s valid for four days and can be purchased at any of the three museums. The pass also offers discounts for other area attractions, restaurants, museums, and performing-arts groups, including North Carolina Dance Theater, Charlotte Museum of History, and Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. More information is available at 704/333-1887.

It’s impossible to talk about Charlotte’s historic buildings without mentioning the name Charles Christian Hook. Known as C. C. Hook, he was the first architect in the Queen City and is responsible for the design of numerous prominent residences, including Duke Mansion, VanLandingham Estate, Walter Brem House, and Belk Mansion. He also designed several public buildings, such as City Hall and Charlotte Fire Station #6.

The son of German immigrants, Hook was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, in 1870 and had a humble upbringing. He earned his degree from Washington University in 1890 and came to Charlotte to teach mechanical drawing; he left his teaching post after two years to open his own architecture firm Hook began designing homes for prominent residents like Edward Dilworth Latta, James Buchanan Duke, William Henry Belk.

Unlike other prominent architects, Hook was not known for a particular design or style. In fact, early in his career, the young architect designed homes in the Queen Anne, bungalow, and modern American styles. Hook’s willingness to work with different architectural styles may have been due to his need to attract a steady stream of clients to keep his fledgling practice afloat. He took on clients in North Carolina (Durham, Greensboro, Davidson, Salisbury) and South Carolina (Spartanburg). Later in his career, Hook expressed a preference for the Colonial Revival style, which is the architectural style for which he would become best known. The quality of his work earned Hook a reputation as the preferred architect in Charlotte and his work has stood the test of time. During a period when many local homes were being demolished to make way homes were being demolished to make way for new developments, several of Hook’s homes survived the wrecking ball and remain among the most stunning and histori-remain among the most stunning and historically significant in the city.

Hook died in 1938 at the age of 68. His son, Walter, was also an architect and became known for designing hospitals and health-care facilities. His grandson, Charles Gwathmey, also became an architect and is responsible for the design of numerous well-known buildings, including the addition to the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the private Long Island residence of director Steven Spielberg.

1773 In the Tea Act, Parliament lowers the duty on Cote d’Ivoire Map Tourist Attractions tea, but colonists perceive this as another measure designed to interfere with their trade. Massachusetts is Cote d’Ivoire Map Tourist Attractions hardest hit by the Coercive Acts that follow, but Virginia and the other colonies pitch in to help Boston, which has its harbor shut down by the British. 1774 Meetings sometimes referred to as committees of correspondence occur throughout Virginia to determine an appropriate response to British actions in Boston. Several meetings decide they will shut down local courts to hurt the cases of British creditors. Many meetings also enter into more stringent nonimportation agreements. In the Continental Congress, Peyton Randolph and Richard Henry Lee argue for limiting the consumption of luxury goods, widespread nonimportation of British goods, and the formation of a Continental Association that would draw representatives from each of Britain’s Country colonies. Virginia’s counties also begin to form independent militia companies.

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